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#11-21-2012 - ComFish News Roundup (#Akutan Media Slam v.2)

Alaskan Island Village Boasts New Planeless Airport and Boatless Harbor. Guess Who Paid?
Katherine Mangu-Ward | Nov. 20, 2012 11:23 am
The Aleutian Island village of Akutan, Alaska (pop. 75) has garnered some national attention for its airport, a facility that cost $75.5 million and is accessible only by hovercraft. Which is badass, but not practical. About three-quarters of the cost of the airport was covered by federal funds. To be fair, the area is home to a seafood processing plant that attracts 1,000 seasonal workers. But after Peninsula Airways canceled the only scheduled air or mail service last month there are no regular flights, though occasional charter flights do come in and out. Renovations made it...

Harbor to nowhere: Stimulus-funded Alaska harbor project without road access
3:19 PM 11/20/2012
In what seems like a reprisal of the “Bridge to Nowhere” fiasco, Alaska’s federally funded small-boat harbor in the village of Akutan is completed — but there is no road to get there. As reported by the KUCB, Akutan — an Aleutians community with a new but unused airport on another....

Seaton Named Chair of Fisheries Committee
By Aaron Selbig, KBBI - Homer | November 20, 2012 - 11:25 am
With the next session of the Alaska State Legislature approaching, Homer Representative Paul Seaton has been named to a handful of key positions in the House. Homer Representative Paul Seaton begins his 11th year in the legislature after winning reelection over Democratic challenger Liz Diament November 6th. Seaton will begin next year’s legislative session as chairman of the House Fisheries Committee, an appropriate post for the representative....

By LISA FABRIZIO on 11.21.12 @ 6:05AM
Catholic calls for the renewal of Latin Mass, confession, and meatless Fridays cannot but strengthen the Church. In the thousands of years before the inventions of the telegraph, television, and Internet, continents and even countries were isolated from each other for most intents and purposes. Other than trade and conquest, there were really no reasons or means for one culture to be influenced by another.
And for most of her history, the United States of America was a nation of immigrants who arrived with some vestiges of their former ethnicities that did not separate, but served only to forge what became known as the American culture: founded on Judeo-Christian values but with an abiding tolerance for all faiths....

Residents Upset Over Wetlands Development
By Stephanie Joyce
Tuesday, November 20 2012
Given the housing shortage in Unalaska, one would expect a proposal to build new housing would be well-received --but that isn’t the case with a proposed project next to the high school. Some local residents are upset that the development involves filling in a pond. The lot is owned by Glenn Olson and Archie Stepp. Stepp couldn’t be reached and Olson wouldn’t comment for this story, but he told the Army Corps of Engineers he intends to build an 8-plex on the....

Story last updated at 4:10 PM on Tuesday, November 20, 2012
Task force meets, talks health of salmon in inlet
By Rashah McChesney
Morris News Service - Alaska
The first meeting of the Upper Cook Inlet Task Force generated questions about allocation issues, marine mortality, historical catch rates and the overall health of salmon in the inlet. Board of Fisheries members Tom Kluberton of Talkeetna and Vince Webster of King Salmon co-chaired the meeting that focused on defining the scope of the Upper Cook Inlet king salmon problem and looked for suggestions both from task force members and a room full of affected users. Webster said he joined the task force because he has been "tight" on approving petitions and agenda change requests to the Board of Fisheries. "What I think they do, they take the public out of the process," Webster....

November 20, 2012
Fish quota limits spark debate
By Richard Gaines
Staff Writer
In May 2010, just at the moment NOAA put into operation a free trading commodity market for groundfishermen who were given an allocation and joined into a fishing cooperative, a perfect storm of constrictions began strangling the industry. Hard catch limits and penalties merged with deadline-driven rebuilding requirements came into being just as science-based assessments of the stocks led to government decisions to constrict the availability of the commodity, all sending....

Govt announces fishery disaster declaration for NY, NJ
Wednesday, November 21, 2012, 02:10 (GMT + 9)
Dr Rebecca Blank, Acting Secretary of Commerce, has announced a fishery disaster declaration for New Jersey and New York as a result of the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy. Although the full extent of Sandy’s damage to commercial and recreation fisheries and coastal communities has not yet been quantified, Blank’s declaration will allow Congress to allocate money towards helping these communities recover. If relief money is appropriated, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said it will collaborate closely with Congress, the states and communities to help alleviate the situation. While this determination will....

Antibiotic resistance in fish poses threat to public health
Wednesday, November 21, 2012, 04:20 (GMT + 9)
Scientists believe that the increase in bacteria resistant to antibiotics and the spread of this phenomenon exist in part because the aquaculture industry has paid little attention to the use of antibiotics. This is particularly worrisome because the antibiotics used in veterinary medicine and in aquaculture belong to the same group of antibiotics for humans. As part of his doctoral research project at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, Syed Qaswar Ali Shah has studied the genetic basis for antibiotic resistance in bacteria isolated from Norwegian salmon. He has gathered quinolone-resistant isolates of the bacterium Flavobacterium psychrophilum from rainbow trout....