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#12-01-2012 - ComFish News Roundup

Map of Alaska highlighting Bristol Bay Borough
Map of Alaska highlighting Bristol Bay Borough (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
December fisheries meetings coming up
November 30th 2:02 pm | Hannah Heimbuch
Two influential fisheries meetings will be taking place in early December, starting with the Alaska Board of Fisheries meeting in Naknek on Dec. 4. That meeting goes until Dec. 12, and will be held at the Bristol Bay Borough School. No less than 91 proposals are up for discussion this go around, covering a wide variety of finfish issues submitted by the general public for board review.
Among the many issues on the docket are...

Op-ed: Proposed Pebble mine in Alaska deserves a hearing
If the developers can prove the mine will safely coexist with Bristol Bay’s salmon, they should be allowed to proceed, writes guest columnist Abe Williams.
By Abe Williams
Special to The Times
A POLITICAL battle being waged in southwest Alaska is pitting national environmental lobbyists, and commercial fisheries against isolated Alaskan communities such as ours that need year-round, well-paying jobs. The fight is over the Pebble Deposit, one of the largest copper, molybdenum and gold discoveries in North America. As a Bristol Bay commercial fisherman and a resident of Naknek, I am tired of people from far....

2012 King Run to the Nushagak River Exceeded Expectations
Many of the king salmon runs across the state of Alaska failed to show up in force this year resulting in commercial, sport and subsistence closures and restrictions in fisheries stretching from the Y-K Delta to Upper Cook Inlet. However, one of the largest king runs exceeded expectations. KDLG's Mike Mason has the story. (5:00)...

Fish and Game Releases 2011 Ex-vessel Price Report
Last year salmon fishermen in Bristol Bay received a base price of $1-dollar a pound. However, as KDLG's Mike Mason reports... that price increased post-season. (3:08)...

Yup'ik Culture Experts to Testify in 21 Illegal-Fishing Trials
November 30, 2012|By Chris Klint | Channel 2 News
ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Experts in Yup'ik Eskimo culture will be allowed to testify in the cases of 21 Bethel area residents arrested last summer for illegally fishing....

2012 Edition of Alaska Community Fishing Fact Sheets Published
November 30, 2012
(SitNews) - The statewide commercial fishing umbrella association United Fishermen of Alaska has released its updated set of data sheets for major Alaska communities and boroughs. The group is seeking to provide UFA groups, members, and the public with economic information to illustrate the industry’s significance in their communities....

Oyster seed shortage in Alaska slows industry
By SCOTT BOWLEN, Ketchikan Daily News
Updated 8:05 a.m., Saturday, December 1, 2012
KETCHIKAN, Alaska (AP) — Like all farmers, oyster growers in Alaska need seed to produce their crop. But oyster seed has been scarce in recent years, and not just for Alaska growers. A recent shellfish growers meeting in Ketchikan focused on the search for solutions — and it appears that the Ketchikan-based OceansAlaska Marine Science Center might have an answer. The nonprofit center early this year outfitted its floating facility to start producing the size of oyster seed most needed by the industry......

Sea Trial Leaves Shell's Arctic Oil-Spill Gear "Crushed Like A Beer Can"
By John Ryan - KUOW, Seattle
Friday, November 30 2012
Shell Oil has been building and testing equipment designed for the Arctic Ocean in Puget Sound. In September, a key test of underwater oil-spill equipment was a spectacular failure. It forced the energy giant to postpone Arctic oil drilling until next summer....

Compass: Port Mac project is a boondoggle
Published: November 30, 2012 Updated 8 hours ago
The recent study about problems with the Port of Anchorage replacement raises serious concerns about Port MacKenzie, which was built with the same open cell sheet pile design the study says is vulnerable to earthquakes. In a recent ADN article ("Study: Port of Anchorage replacement flawed"), the leader of the geotechnical team for the federally-commissioned study warned "If it...