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#12-09-2012 - ComFish News Roundup (NPFMC LiveStream)

Anchorage: NPFMC LiveStream (Starting 8am Dec.6 - Dec.11)

Copper River Million Dollar Bridge Cordova Alaska
Supreme Court dipnetting ruling opens new ground in subsistence issue
Craig Medred | Dec 08, 2012
Chitina salmon dipnetters saw one get away this week thanks to Alaska Supreme Court justices, who again tossed a curve ball into the state's long-running subsistence battle. The judges ruled that just because there's a state subsistence preference for hunting and fishing doesn't mean the state has to allow subsistence hunting and fishing everywhere. The preference is a big deal because it provides a priority. In many places in the state, those who can claim subsistence -- itself a complicated process -- move to the front of the line of users of wild resources. The dipnetters had asked the court to restore Chitina to subsistence status, which would have given them back a guaranteed preference over Cordova-based commercial fishermen downstream on the Copper River. The commercial fishery now catches vastly more fish than the dipnet fishery, and dipnetters worry commercial economic clout makes it easier...

North Pacific council seeks more ideas for Bering Sea chum bycatch
Dec 8, 2012 - 11:47 AM
The North Pacific Fishery Management Council worked on an initial review of a chum salmon bycatch effort Dec. 7 and 8.
The council’s agenda for this meeting includes two efforts to reduce bycatch – one targeting chum caught by Bering Sea pollock fleet, and the other targeting Gulf of Alaska Chinooks. Today’s action was for the Bering Sea. Ultimately, the council approved a motion from council member Glenn Merrill directing industry to work on western Alaska chum salmon avoidance programs and.....

Laine Welch : Compendium of facts spotlights Alaska commercial fishing
Published: December 8, 2012 Updated 7 hours ago
By Laine Welch — Fisheries
Ask an Alaskan what community is home to the most commercial fishermen and they will likely tell you Kodiak or Dutch Harbor, Petersburg or Bristol Bay. Wrong! Anchorage ranks No. 1 for total fishing participation, with 994 permit holders and another 1,216 crew license holders who fish year-round. Anchorage-based fishermen brought home....

Map of Alaska highlighting Bristol Bay Borough
Map of Alaska highlighting Bristol Bay Borough (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
ADF&G Will Delay New Escapement Goals for Bristol Bay
The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has decided to delay an effort to change the escapement goals for most of the salmon runs in Bristol Bay. KDLG’s Mike Mason has the story. (2:50)....

Risks to subsistence culture evaluated
December 8th 6:36 pm | Carey Restino
In the continuously contentious debate over the possibility of a massive gold, copper and molybdenum mine in the Bristol Bay Region, few opportunities are available to hear objective voices about the science being presented by those both for and against the proposed Pebble Mine. The Pebble Prospect, which is still being explored, has yet to submit a permit for review by either state or federal agencies. But in 2011, the Environmental Protection Agency began an assessment of the area's watershed and the impacts a large-scale mine similar to the one being discussed near Lake Iliamna, could have on the area's people, environment and especially on the world-class salmon run in Bristol Bay. This winter, the EPA released the Peer Review Report to its Draft Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment. The report lists...

Independent seeks to build 29-mile pipeline across Cook Inlet
Anchorage and Cook Inlet, Alaska, are seen in ...
Anchorage and Cook Inlet, Alaska, are seen in this 30 by 30 km (19 by 19 miles) sub-image, acquired May 12, 2000, by the Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Published: December 8, 2012 Updated 14 hours ago
By WESLEY LOY — Petroleum News
A small independent is seeking a state right of way for a new subsea oil pipeline across Alaska's Cook Inlet. Such a pipeline could reduce or eliminate the current risky practice of shipping crude oil by tank vessel from the west side of the turbulent, icy inlet to the Tesoro refinery at Nikiski on the Kenai Peninsula.
Cook Inlet Energy LLC on Nov. 26 applied to the Alaska Department of Natural Resources for a right-of-way lease for the proposed Trans-Foreland Pipeline. The 29-mile line will start at Cook Inlet Energy's Kustatan oil production facility, near West Foreland point, and cross beneath the inlet to....

Finding the door
Ketchikan is amazing in its dedication to build industry and create jobs.
It just keeps on keeping on, rolling up the proverbial sleeves, putting in one hour after the next — sometimes for decades — all the time with a goal of a thriving economy. With the effort come the periods of disappointment and delay, but staying focused on the goal and taking the next step without giving in has proved to be the way of the community. It finds the "doors" that allow it to move forward. That is the case for OceansAlaska Marine Science Center, which started out as the Tongass Coast Aquarium project in the early 1990s. Through the years, its journey has led it to be an.... / Direct Tube >
Meet the man in the silver salmon suit
Tom Murdoch's efforts to save salmon aren't always popular, but he doesn't mind swimming against the current
By Bill Sheets, Herald Writer
EVERETT -- If John Lennon had been dreaming of saving salmon habitat when he wrote the song "Imagine," then Tom Murdoch of the Adopt A Stream Foundation could have written the lyrics for him. Murdoch, director of the nonprofit environmental group based in Everett's McCollum Park, has been dreaming of... Full