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On March 19, 2014 HaulingGear enabled 24/7 live comfish newsfeeds on our front page at ! Enjoy! Click image to view

#12-20-2012 - ComFish News Roundup

242/365 )+1) Front Street Shipyard
242/365 )+1) Front Street Shipyard (Photo credit: Timothy Valentine)
Kodiak shipyard losing money, higher rates likely
The Associated Press
KODIAK, Alaska — Higher rates appear likely for users of Kodiak's city-owned shipyard because it continues to lose money. The 3-year-old shipyard lost more than $300,000 in the last fiscal year, and now the Kodiak Port and Harbor Advisory Board has agreed that rate increases are needed to balance the books, the Kodiak Daily Mirror......

New case of ISA at aquaculture site confirmed
Thursday, December 20, 2012, 00:50 (GMT + 9)
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has confirmed the presence of the Infectious Salmon Anemia (ISA) virus at an aquaculture site on the south coast of  Newfoundland and Labrador. According the CFIA the site is being monitored closely by the Provincial Government. Federal and provincial protocols and procedures have been activated aiming to limit the spread of the virus. "While ISA is not harmful to humans, if not managed properly it could cause further risk to other fish farms in the region. Thus far, there is no sign of the virus....

GOP offers own Hurricane Sandy relief package
By DAVID ROGERS | 12/19/12 3:54 PM EST Updated: 12/20/12 6:39 AM EST
Senate Republicans outlined a scaled-back $23.8 billion Hurricane Sandy disaster aid package Wednesday, but it was met with a cool reception from Northeast Democrats and triggered a fight that could turn — who’d have guessed? — on fish and milk. The GOP proposal is little more than a third of the $60.4 billion request first made by President Barack Obama, and rather than accept the reduction, the New York an.....

Alaska seafood making a splash for holiday gifts
Posted 12/19/2012
by - Margaret Bauman
From stocking stuffer strips of smoked salmon to clusters of Bristol Bay red king crab, wild Alaska seafood is a hot item this year with holiday shoppers looking for tasty, healthy gifts for friends, relatives and business associates nationwide. The orders, both individual and corporate, range from the ever-popular jarred gourmet selections of sockeye, silver and king salmon to cases of shellfish. "People are buying by the case," said Robin Richardson, chief business development officer for...  .... They're all online at

Demand Up For Holiday Sale of Alaska Seafood
Purveyors of fine Alaska seafood are offering an increased variety of gifts of all sizes this holiday season and orders for some are coming in by the caseload. Moderately priced gift baskets, which may include an assortment of gourmet smoked salmon, cookbooks, cheese and crackers, are doing well, but the biggest demand appears to be for the seafood itself – salmon, halibut, cod, scallops, and red and golden king crab. Jim Trujillo of Ed’s Kasilof Seafoods on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula, says the demand caught him......

Tanner crab program supports local fishermen 
Posted 12/19/2012
by - Cordova Times Staff
 For the third consecutive year, the Alaska Marine Conservation Council is offering Kodiak tanner crab harvested by conservation minded small boat harvesters to residents of Kodiak, Homer and the Anchorage area....... ... More information on the program and a link to order crab online is at

SBA Offers Disaster Assistance to Small Businesses Economically Impacted by the 2012 Alaska Chinook Salmon Fishery Disaster
Published: December 19, 2012
SBA press release
SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The U. S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is making low-interest, working capital federal disaster loans available to small businesses economically impacted by the 2012 Alaska Chinook Salmon Fishery disaster that occurred from June 1 through August 30, 2012, SBA Administrator Karen G. Mills said today.  SBA acted under its own authority to declare a disaster following a request received on November 16, 2012, from Gov. Sean Parnell........

USCG Reauthorization Legislation Has Crucial Provisions for Fishermen
The US Coast Guard reauthorization legislation – HR 2838 – which passed the US House and Senate earlier in December, contains several crucial provisions for commercial fishermen. They are outlined in the Aleutians East Borough’s online “Fish News,” which is online at  ....

Homer ship captain honored for Nome fuel run
By Naomi Klouda
Homer Tribune
As the pilot of a Russian tanker on a near impossible mission to deliver fuel last winter to Nome, Capt. Peter Garay had his work cut out for him.
Except for a translator, the crew, all Russian, didn’t speak English. Cultural divides and different ideas on what constituted proper ship protocol separated them. Then, there was the matter of breaking through hundreds of miles of shore-fast ice......

Archer says it terminated its contract with Buccaneer
Archer lawsuit outlines more than $6 million in debt and a breach of contract
By Naomi Klouda
Homer Tribune
Buccaneer Alaska announced it had terminated its contractor, Archer Drilling, for alleged nonperformance of work, but Archer officials today said the situation was actually the other way around. David Walker, the manager for international platform drilling and engineering at Archer, said a lawsuit is now filed claiming more than $6 million in unpaid invoices are owed by Buccaneer. All local subcontractors hired by Archer have been paid by Archer, Walker said. “We announced we were terminating the contract on Thursday (Dec. 13) and Buccaneer/KOV came out with their statement on Friday,” Walker said. “They.......

Today's Catch: Who Benefits?
By Chris Philips, Managing Editor
Cui bono? That’s Latin, for “who benefits?” The responsibility for an act can usually be determined by asking who stands to gain as a result of the act. At press time, the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission had voted to ban the commercial gillnet fishery on the main stem of the Columbia River in early December, and the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission was scheduled to vote on the same issue on December 15th. While ostensibly done in the name of “conservation,” what’s the actual motivation behind Governor Kitzhaber’s misguided notion to take the wild Columbia River salmon resource away....