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New High Speed Internet Access For Northern Alaska and Bering Sea (Alternate Route Between Europe and Asia)
By GW Rastopsoff | Alaska Native News 3 hours 51 minutes ago

It was announced today by Arctic Fibre, Inc that they will partner with Anchorage-based Quintillion Networks LLC to provide broadband telecommunications to the more than 26,500 residents living on the North Slope and Bering Sea and will also provide an alternate fiber optic route for traffic moving between the United States, Europe and Asia.....

........... "At this juncture, Quintillion will construct spurs between Arctic Fibre's backbone and the communities of Prudhoe Bay, Barrow, Wainwright, Nome and Kotzebue,"

.......... 490 miles of fiber optic cable along the Dalton Highway from Prudoe Bay to Fairbanks.

Commissioner Bell: “This network would move Alaska substantially toward the task force goal of delivering 100 megabits per second to every Alaskan by 2020 and could prove to be a real game changer for the state.”....

More... NEWS: Around the Arctic January 17, 2013 - 2:09 pm Arctic Fibre strikes broadband deal with Alaskan firm “A goal of delivering 100 megabits per second to every Alaskan by 2020”. The backbone cable would be financed by sales to telecom retailers, especially in Asian countries like Japan, Korea and China.......