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NWS: Change in the Air for Blizzard of Winter Weather Terms (Watch - Warning - Advisory)
To see NWS Powerpoint to here

By Mead Gruver
January 18, 2013 9:14AM

The federal forecasting agency is trying out simple, descriptive language to possibly replace its 14 watches, advisories and warnings for wintry weather -- from ice storms to blizzards and wind chill. The clear-and-simple approach could be carried over to heat waves, flooding, and other conditions, but that will depend on what the public has to say.

Recent example: Alongside a winter storm watch for northeast Wyoming, the Weather Service released a possible substitute statement: "The National Weather Service in Rapid City (S.D.) is forecasting the potential for a significant winter storm."

"The purpose of this project is to use language that is self-evident, that everybody would immediately understand," said Eli Jacks, the forecaster leading the experiment.

The experiment began in December and runs through March 31 at 26 Weather Service offices covering Alaska, Oregon, the northern Great Plains, Michigan, New England, Appalachia and Oklahoma. A separate Web site for the project avoids confusing people who just want to look up the forecast.....

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