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NE: AT&T's #LTE Customers Not Getting Wireless Alerts re: #NemoBlizzard - (older #HSPA network only)

English: LTE network architecture
English: LTE network architecture (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

FEBRUARY 8, 2013 AT 11:01 AM PT
Many people in the Northeast have gotten a wireless alert on their cellphone in the last 24 hours, warning of the approaching blizzard......... for now, AT&T can only push the alerts on certain devices running on its older HSPA network, and not on the faster LTE network. This was evident back when Hurricane Sandy hit last year, and....

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Special note by HG Lab. The 'scary noise' mentioned in the podcast at WSJ is probably similar to the packet delivery sound that was transmitted over the air through the NOAA WX channels during during the Tsunami Alert in SE Alaska Jan 5, 2013. Sounds similar to the noise you hear when accessing the internet with a dial-up modem, and it's not really that scary.