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#03-10-2013 - ComFish News Roundup - #IBSS13 (Boston Seafood Show 2013)

Our #IBSS13 (Boston Seafood Show 2013) 'Hashtag Stream'  is up and running! Enjoy the show!

Blaquiere Point launch ramp rebuild is underway
March 7, 2013
Mild winter weather has allowed Rock-n-Road Construction to begin the rebuild of the Blaquiere Point boat launch ramp at Mile 30 Mitkof Highway on the southeast side of Mitkof Island. The project will include the rebuild and extension of the launch ramp, construction of a level parking pad for 19 vehicles with trailers and a new vault toilet. Sig Burrell of Rock-n-Road said.....

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Fish Factor
U.S. Fisheries Economics
March 09, 2013
SitNews - The just released “Fisheries Economics of the U.S.” by NOAA Fisheries covers the commercial and recreational fishing industries from 2002-2011 and is loaded with descriptive seafood industry stats by region. The report, sixth in a series, tracks the economic impacts, price trends; payroll and annual receipt information for fishing-related businesses, from the dock to dinner plates.  The impacts also are reported in terms of employment, sales and value-added impacts. Some highlights:  Commercial fishermen in the U.S. harvested 9.9 billion pounds of fish/ shellfish in 2011, earning $5.3 billion for their catch.  Pacific salmon ($618 million) followed by sea scallops ($585 million), shrimp ($536 million), and American lobster ($423 million) contributed most to total U.S. revenue. In terms of poundage, Pollock (2.8 billion pounds), menhaden (1.9 billion), and Pacific salmon (780 million) comprised over half of total pounds landed in 2011. Prices per pound for seven of the key species were above the...

Nine Southeast Communities Oppose Revised Sealaska Bill
March 09, 2013
SitNews - Ketchikan, Alaska - Nine communities in southeast Alaska said they oppose a bill by Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) to allow an Alaska Native-owned corporation to acquire some 70,000 acres of the Tongass National Forest, arguing the bill could threaten their livelihoods. A February letter from the nine communities have asked the Chairman of the U.S. Senate Energy Committee, Ron Wyden, to kill "special interest legislation" for Sealaska Corporation. Calling the bill introduced by Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski “unfair and morally repugnant,” the towns pointed out that the bill would “create a new injustice against us” in the name of righting a wrong against them that was settled in 1971 when ANCSA passed. The towns pointed out to Wyden in a letter two weeks ago, that the best solution....

Chef dishes local foods at Sitka school
Posted: March 10, 2013 - 12:06am
SITKA — While many focus on Alaska’s food source challenges, Anchorage chef Rob Kinneen capitalizes on the strengths. “We should be working on where we are,” said Kinneen, who was in Sitka this week. “We’re unique, we’re who we are. We need to think about producing our own microgoods.” Kinneen is the founder of Fresh49, a company that raises awareness on the benefits to Alaskans of using local foods, and where to find...