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#03-12-2013 - ComFish News Roundup

Ketchikan Shipyard :
Marine Industry Council: Time to act is now
by Leila Kheiry
March 11, 2013 3:21 PM
The Ketchikan Marine Industry Council has been working quietly for about a year now, gathering information and planning future marketing to promote Ketchikan and Southeast Alaska’s marine opportunities. The group includes about 15 marine-centered businesses, and along with the Ketchikan Gateway Borough, they all contributed funds to get the council going. Project Manager Doug Ward and Project Coordinator Jason Custer talked about the.....

House-backed measure pushes Alaska-grown food
Published: March 11, 2013 Updated 8 hours ago
JUNEAU -- A resolution urging the Parnell administration to push locally grown and harvested food cleared the state House Monday with no opposition, while its Senate companion sailed through its first hearing. The resolution is a mere suggestion. It doesn't carry the same power as a new law. It doesn't authorize any new state spending. It sets no deadlines. It doesn't even set a goal for the desired amount of local food consumption by Alaskans.....

Native rights advocate calls for justice in subsistence hunting, fishing
Posted: Tuesday, March 12, 2013 12:00 am
FAIRBANKS — Under federal law, someone living in rural Southeast has the same subsistence priority to hunt caribou as a family that’s lived in Barrow for generations. That’s one of many alleged injustices in both state and federal hunting and fishing laws that attorney and Native subsistence rights advocate John Sky Starkey called for Interior Natives to challenge Monday morning during the opening day of the Tanana Chiefs Conference annual convention. Starkey said “a series of broken promises” or “death by 1,000 cuts” could summarize Native access to traditional fishing and hunting under.....

Rep. Lamar Smith from Texas Has Questions About the "Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment"
The effort by the EPA to finalize their "Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment" has been delayed as the agency intends to add to the document and undertake another peer review.  That has prompted additional questions from members of Congress. Last week the Chairman of the Science, Space and Technology Committee in the House of Representatives sent a letter to the acting EPA Administrator asking for another agency briefing to clarify issues raised by the initial peer review report. Representative Lamar Smith is from Texas and he stressed that EPA staff should be able to provide information on how much money has been spent preparing the "Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment" and a list of similar watershed assessments prepared in....

A Good Year for Herring Fishermen?
3:21 PM MON MARCH 11, 2013
It's shaping up to be a good year for herring fishermen in Southwest and Western Alaska. KDLG's Mike Mason explains.....

Bristol Bay fishermen raise bar on salmon quality
Guest opinion by Izetta Chambers
Izetta Chambers, Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Agent, PO Box 1070, Dillingham, AK
Dillingham, Alaska—Having grown up in a fishing family in Bristol Bay, I have watched and taken part in the slow and sometimes painful journey to improve salmon quality. When I was little, I remember how fishermen used pews—essentially pointed stakes—to stab the fish in the head or belly and fling them into a delivery truck. It was an irreverent way to treat food. Fortunately, the practice stopped in the late 70s or early 80s. In those days, nobody used ice or refrigerated seawater. Bleeding the freshly caught salmon was unheard of. But I remember people on the Naknek beach being proud to deliver their fish in a timely manner. My family never let their fish sit long in the boats. It was a matter of pride to deliver the catch quickly. As they say, change happens slowly. One small change was the switch by processors away from the knotted-rope brailer bags that inflicted body-bruising damage to salmon pressed against the bottom and sides of the bag. The new bags used a flat mesh design that did........

Call to chefs: Great Alaska Seafood Cook-Off seeks competitors
Published: March 11, 2013
By Chad Walker — Anchorage Daily News
The Great American Seafood Cook-Off is set to begin Aug. 3. The national competition takes the best chefs from around the country and pits them in a public challenge, with the winner named the......

Kodiak: City and Borough Bring Issues, Seafood, to Juneau
Mar 11,2013
Brianna Gibbs/KMXT
Kodiak’s two governing bodies will be off island this week. Both the Borough Assembly and City Council will make the annual pilgrimage to the state capitol and help advocate for various local projects and municipal needs. Borough Mayor Jerome Selby said the trip helps ensure Kodiak is on the mind decision makers in Juneau.......

AK Senate passes SB27: Reduces ‘expensive & time consuming” NEPA process, etc. from wetlands decisions
March 12, 2013 by admin
Today by a 15-2 vote the Alaska Senate passed SB 27, submitted by Governor Parnell, which authorizes the State of Alaska to assume primacy from the federal government to administer the regulatory program for managing certain wetlands. In his transmission letter, dated January 17, Parnell said “The purpose of this legislation is to provide State authority to develop and implement State primacy of dredge and fill activities in waters and....

March 11, 2013 at 5:45 PM
Three ocean salmon fishing options set, and might possibly mirror last summer’s good action
Posted by Mark Yuasa
While state and federal fisheries managers unveiled the three ocean salmon fishing catch-quota options at meetings in Tacoma, there is still a lot of unsettled business before the dust settles. “Our quota range for coho encompasses last year, but it looks like we’ll see a lower chinook catch,” said Doug Milward, a state Fish and Wildlife coastal salmon manager. Fisheries officials are predicting a record 677,900 Columbia River fall chinook total return, the highest since 2004 and....

March 12, 2013
Editorial: Witness list shows Magnuson talks a sham from start
Gloucester Daily Times
Congressional hearings regarding the fourth 10-year review of commercial fishing’s landmark Magnuson-Stevens Act begins in the nation’s capital today. And it obviously comes at a critical time for the industry — especially in Gloucester and across New England, where the groundfishery is in a state of federally recognized “economic disaster” and facing an even more dire crisis May 1, when limits......... It’s no surprise that Markey apparently sees him as the voice of the fishing industry as this supposed Senate candidate sees it. Markey, after all, stands against adding any flexibility to Magnuson at all. And that’s a scary thought for fishermen and for lawmakers like John Tierney, who has worked hard to bring about the reforms and new Magnuson flexibility the industry needs......

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