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Alaska Broadband Task Force Vision: 100MB For All by 2020

Posted 03/01/2013
by - Margaret Bauman
Giving every Alaskan access to broadband technology is still a vision of the future, but the Alaska Broadband Task Force is hard at work trying to make this a reality, task force member Bill Popp told a Southwest Alaska economic summit on Feb. 22.

The vision of the Alaska Broadband Task Force is that by 2020, every Alaskan will have access to 100 megabits per second of broadband connectivity, and this is no small task, Popp told the Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference at its annual economic summit in Anchorage.

The purpose of the plan is focused on finding the middle ground of a public-private partnership, and....

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Interesting excerpt:

alaska broadband maps

The Alaska Broadband Task Force has released maps prepared by the Regulatory Commission of Alaska that show Alaska's terrestrial middle-mile network infrastructure. The maps reflect current long-haul communications infrastructure, proposed infrastructure additions that are moving forward after securing funding, and additional proposed infrastructure that have not been funded. Since map information was derived from publicly available sources, the maps may not include all current or planned terrestrial long-haul infrastructure in Alaska. Individuals with information on terrestrial middle mile infrastructure that is not reflected on these maps should contact Jess Manaois at the Regulatory Commission of Alaska.
Download the Maps
Current Middle Mile (click for full)