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Alaska Native villages in the Cook Inlet Region accept 230,000 acre transfer

Jill Burke
March 1, 2013

More than four decades after the nation's largest land claims settlement -- a unique 1971 agreement that paved the way for the construction of the trans-Alaska pipeline -- Alaska Native villages in the Cook Inlet Region have finally gained ownership over acreage they were due.

Under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, Alaska Native villages were awarded cash and land, to be administered to both village corporations and regional corporations. Because of a complicated patchwork of existing land use by..........

.............. Under ANSCA, land awards were intended to help facilitate economic development for the villages, a mandate CIRI believes was realized in Friday's transfer. Land selections were concentrated in thee main areas – Iniskin Peninsula, Tuxedni Bay and the Talkeetna mountains. Each is viewed as having economic potential by offering prospects involving the large Susitna-Watana Hydroelectric project, the Pebble Mine, and oil and gas development........

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