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LA Times: Alaska's $78-million 'ferry to nowhere' (M/V Susitna) could land in L.A.

By Kim Murphy, Los Angeles Times
March 10, 2013, 9:31 p.m.

PORT MacKENZIE, Alaska — The late Sen. Ted Stevens is perhaps best remembered for the millions of dollars in federal booty he steered toward Alaska during his reign as chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee.

One of the Republican senator's more notable legacies was.........

.............. "We think a ship like that could provide us with a versatile public safety asset for emergency response, mainly to Catalina Island, where the ability to move people and equipment and firefighting apparatus is currently a challenge," said Ryan Alsop, Los Angeles County assistant chief executive officer.......

................... The real need, borough officials say, is not a ferry but a bridge. But that project is costly — at least $750 million — and controversial, threatening the historic neighborhood of Government Hill in northwest Anchorage.

"We always argued the ferry would help the bridge get built," borough spokeswoman Patty Sullivan said. But that argument is "already dead," she said, along with the borough's hopes of giving a home to the Susitna..........,0,2173141.story