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#04-10-2013 - ComFish News Roundup

Commercial Fisherman Booted from BoF
April 09, 2013
Jay Barrett/KMXT
Yesterday, by the slimmest of margins, two-term Alaska Board of Fisheries member Vince Webster’s reappointment was rejected by a joint session of the Alaska House and Senate. After attacks on him by the Kenai River Sportfishing Association stretching into last week, Webster was voted down 30-to-29. A commercial fisherman from King Salmon, Webster got the support of legislators from much of coastal Alaska, though failed to get enough support from the powerful Southcentral region. Representative Bill Stoltze of Chugiak was just one of two legislators who rose to speak....

NPFMC Picks Apart Steller Sea Lion Report
By Stephanie Joyce
Tuesday, April 09 2013
The National Marine Fisheries Service recently released a court-ordered draft environmental impact statement (, intended to be the first step in resolving the decades-long debate over Steller sea lion protection measures in the western Aleutians. Last week, the....

7:48 PM TUE APRIL 9, 2013
Trooper Enforcement Priorities for Fishing in Bristol Bay
The enforcement priorities of the Alaska State Troopers, in regards to commercial fishing this summer in Bristol Bay, were outlined last Saturday as part of the "Business of Fish" workshop held in Dillingham. KDLG's Mike Mason was there and filed this report.....

Alaska salmon outlook good, especially for sockeyes
April 9, 2013 by admin
Alaska trollers have been out on the water for king salmon all winter, and in a few short weeks, the 2013 salmon season will officially kick off at Copper River. Market conditions appear favorable at this point, especially for sockeye salmon. That was the take home message by University of Alaska fisheries economist Gunnar Knapp at a meeting in Dillingham. Knapp cited three key factors for the short term outlook:  lower sockeye harvests with strong....

Legislators Support Alaska Grown (video)
By Garrett Turner
Channel 2 News
9:29 p.m. AKDT, April 9, 2013
PALMER, Alaska—
It may not look like it, but Alaska farmers are just weeks away from getting to work. According to the USDA, Alaskans spent $1.5 billion on food in 2007, but less than 5 percent was from locally grown products.....,0,5088884.story

From the Sea, Locally Sourced School Food
April 4, 2013 Posted at 9:24 AM
From coast to coast, schools are finding new challenges and unique solutions to bring fresh, healthy, local food to hungry students. For the schoolchildren of Sitka, a community of less than 9,000 on Alaska’s Baranof Island, one solution can be found all around them. Fish to Schools is a program that began as a brainstorm at an annual community health summit and became part of the local food revolution.
The Sitka Conservation Society has worked with local schools and local fishermen to bring fresh seafood to school lunch programs. Fishermen donate a portion of their....

WA: Fishing Regulations Force Market Vendors to Sell Alaskan Salmon
Megan Hill Tue., Apr 9 2013 at 10:39AM
This summer and fall, state officials are expecting strong numbers for salmon in Puget Sound and in Washington rivers. But you won’t find much – if any – Washington salmon at farmers markets. You’ll be buying Alaskan fish instead. That’s because the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission (WFWC), which regulates the state’s salmon fishery, has heaped restrictions on the industry. The result is limited opportunities for commercial fishers to go after salmon here. So limited, in fact, many drive their boats to Alaska, where fewer restrictions exist. Sport fishers, the weekend anglers who catch....

‘Deadliest Catch’ new season prelude starts from 'The Beginning'
Tonight's pre-season episode of "Deadliest Catch," gave new and veteran viewers a glimpse into how the show evolved into the classic that it is today as fans look forward to next week's premiere of season nine. Discovery Channel announced in snippets that viewers were watching a retro recap of "Deadliest Catch" season one: "The....

Oregon crabbers struggle this season
By Thomas Moriarty, The World
16 hours ago
CHARLESTON — Three months in, feedback on the Oregon commercial Dungeness crab season is mixed....

Govt seeks to toughen certification requirements for 'dolphin-safe' tuna
Wednesday, April 10, 2013, 05:10 (GMT + 9)
The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) has published a proposed rule that would increase the certification requirements for dolphin-safe tuna standards. This new measure, published in the Federal Registry, was taken in response to a....