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Petersburg Area Office
Date: April 3, 2013 Time: 6:15 p.m.

Ernest Sound

The department conducted the season’s first aerial survey today, Wednesday, April 3, 2013 of Ernest Sound. The survey conditions were sunny with north winds 15 to 20 knots. No herring activity was seen in Ernest Sound. A total of 45 sea lions were observed in Vixen Inlet. The next aerial survey will occur Friday, April 5. The Ernest Sound spawn-on-kelp fishery opened to purse seining on Friday, April 1. There are currently no active pounds in the area. Department personnel will be stationed in Ernest Sound when herring and predator numbers increase or fishery activity picks up.

The average date of the first spawn in Ernest Sound during the past 10 years is April 15 and it has ranged between April 5 and April 20. In 2012, main spawning occurred between April 16 and April 19 along the Cleveland Peninsula shoreline between Union Point and Emerald Bay. Additional spawn occurred on southwest Etolin Island.

Hobart Bay/Port Houghton
No surveys have occurred in 2013 for Hobart/Port Houghton area. The first survey is scheduled for sometime during the third week of April.

2013 Herring Summary

Ernest Sound
April 3 No herring activity, 45 sea lions.

Hobart Bay/Port Houghton
Not surveyed until late April.

Pilots and Mariners transiting Ernest Sound or Hobart/Port Houghton are asked to report any herring activity or congregations of sea lions to the Wrangell or Petersburg Fish and Game offices.

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