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Tradex Foods Implements Temperature Monitoring on Shipments (PR)

Tuesday, 23 April 2013 07:00
Temp. Reading Report

Tradex Foods Implements Temperature Monitoring on Shipments

Victoria, British Columbia - April 23rd, 2013 - Tradex Foods is pleased to announce its newest step toward logistics confidence - further ensuring increased customer assurance of higher quality frozen seafood and reduced temperature-related problems.

We are now adding a temperature monitoring security service that will provide all-inclusive cargo transparency and supply chain integrity from origin to destination by monitoring the risks associated with spoilage by temperature abuse in all containers shipping from China. The temperature will be monitored from the time the container is loaded to the time the container arrives and is unloaded at its final destination.

Tradex Foods continues to pursue excellence and leadership in its markets through a reputation for Quality.

Temperature Monitoring Device
Our Quality Control program will be consistently applied, continuously measured, and rigorously enforced further with this new line of defense.

Below, the image on the left is the device itself. It can be attached anywhere inside a container meaning it can relatively be undetectable. After the shipment reaches its final destination the device can be plugged into a computer where a PDF is automatically generated from the data collected which you can see below on the image to the right. There is an alarm function to program high and low temperature limits which will trigger an alarm if real temperature exceeds limits. In the example below you might notice a spike in temperature - this was recording the temperature as the sample was being delivered into our office.

For more information regarding temperature monitoring or quality management please contact Michael Warren at or 1-250-479-1355 ext 123.