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#05-19-2013 - ComFish News Roundup

Shore of Bristol Bay
Shore of Bristol Bay (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
3:06 PM SAT MAY 18, 2013
Togiak Herring Update... Slower Fishing on Friday
The herring harvest in the ongoing Togiak Sac Roe fishery slowed down a little on Friday. Friday’s total harvest was just over 820-tons with the purse seine fleet hauling in 475-tons and the gillnetters harvesting 346-tons of herring. The purse seine fleet only had 6-deliveries while the gillnetters managed 60-deliveries. The roe percentage of the purse seine harvest came in at 9-percent while....

Penning some revisionist history about Kenai king salmon
Craig Medred
May 18, 2013
Let us all hope that the scholarship of Emilie Springer, in her doctoral studies of the culture and policy of state fisheries, is better than her research into the history of Kenai River salmon, because the woman posing behind the imprimatur of the National Science Foundation has a seriously flawed perspective on how that river came to be one of the most carefully monitored streams in the state. Here is what Springer wrote in the Homer News last week....

Lower Cook Inlet opens for salmon Monday, May 20 ; Hatchery cost recovery prices posted
May 19, 2013
From ADF&G in Homer:
The Eastern District excluding waters outside of the Bear Lake Special Harvest Area (SHA) will open for the 2013 season on Monday, May 20 with a fishing period from 6:00 AM that morning...

Beyond Pebble: Bristol Bay Native looks at other mining prospects
Carey Restino | Bristol Bay Times
May 18, 2013
Bristol Bay Native Corp. recently signed an agreement with an exploration company to look more closely at the mineral prospects on the Alaska Peninsula in the Chigniks. The move might catch the attention of some in an area where the Pebble Mine prospect has generated significant controversy and concern over the need to protect the salmon resource of Bristol Bay....

As mining booms in Southeast, so does mine training program 
University of Alaska Southeast
University of Alaska Southeast (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Intro course at UAS grew in 2nd year; likely to expand in 3rd
Posted: May 18, 2013 - 3:25pm  |  Updated: May 19, 2013 - 12:08am
The mining industry in Southeast Alaska has taken off in recent years. And as mining has grown as a sector of the local, regional and state economy, the University of Alaska Southeast has embarked on a mission to meet the demand for new mine workers. That’s where the Center for Mine Training comes in. The UAS Center for Mine Training is a vocational education program created to teach students what they need to know in order to....

Petersburg locals find lost canoe paddles
By Shelly Pope
May 16, 2013
Members of the One People Canoe Society lost several of their canoe paddles, along with other equipment, as they made their way to Wrangell to participate in the rededication of Chief Shakes House. The canoers ran into bad weather in the Seymour Canal area and were forced to move from the canoes to a larger vessel. During this move, several of the canoes were overturned in the....

Sea turtle comeback in a corner of the Caribbean
By DAVID McFADDEN | Associated Press – 20 hrs ago
GRANDE RIVIERE, Trinidad (AP) — Giant leatherback turtles, some weighing half as much as a small car, drag themselves out of the ocean and up the sloping shore on the northeastern coast of Trinidad while villagers await wearing dimmed headlamps in the dark. Their black carapaces glistening, the turtles inch along the moonlit beach, using their powerful front flippers to move their bulky frames onto the sand......

Chinese boat owner says NKoreans detained his crew
May 19, 2013 10:49 GMT
BEIJING (AP) -- A Chinese state media report and a boat owner say unidentified North Koreans have taken one of his fishing boats and its crew and are demanding a ransom....