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Alaska Dispatch: 'High level' White House meeting on melting Arctic a fiction?

Jill Burke May 6, 2013 
Arctic Landscape
Arctic Landscape (Photo credit: Polar Cruises)

A flurry of reports emerged in the international press this past week about “an extraordinary meeting of the brightest minds” to be held at the White House, where the U.S. officials would be warned about an “imminent Arctic ice death spiral.” ................

........... The story, first picked up by The West Australian, was soon followed by other media outlets, including The Guardian, which then generated even more stories.
It now appears those articles may have overblown the White House's sense of urgency or interest in the state of the Arctic -- at least as it relates to the so-called meeting of the minds.
In an email to Alaska Dispatch, Duarte clarified that while he was in Washington, D.C., recently and did attend a regular research meeting, it didn't involve “government, high-level U.S. government officers or any sort of alarming news.”..........
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