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Good Samaritans rescue four near Yakutat, Alaska

Date: May 26, 2013
Icebergs in the Yakutat Bay, Alaska
Icebergs in the Yakutat Bay, Alaska (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
District 17 Public Affairs Detachment Kodiak

KODIAK, Alaska — Coast Guard coordinates with good Samaritans in the aid and recovery of four persons missing near Yakutat Bay, Alaska, Saturday.

The crew of the good Samaritan fishing vessel Morgan located the four missing boaters sitting atop the hull of their overturned 22-foot personal watercraft, Energizer, safely recovered the individuals and transported them to Yakutat where they were transferred to awaiting emergency medical services.

Coast Guard Sector Juneau watchstanders received a report Friday evening from the Yakutat Police Department reporting that the vessel with four people aboard failed to arrive as stated in their float plan and was deemed overdue. The watchstanders immediately issued urgent marine information broadcast stating the overdue situation and requesting any mariner in the area to assist if safe to do so.

The good Samaritan crew of the Morgan responded and ultimately saved the four missing crewmembers.

“This is a perfect example of how float plans and mariners listening to urgent marine broadcasts can  saves lives,” said Scott Giard, Command Duty Officer for Sector Juneau. “Filing a well-documented plan with a reliable person will greatly aid in the search in the event a boater doesn’t arrive in port as intended.”

As the boating season in Alaska continues, and national safe boating week draws to a close, the Coast Guard emphisizes the importance of filing a float plan.

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Sample float plans can be found on the Coast Guard Office of Boating Safety website:

A public service announcement regarding float plans can be viewed here: