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Hovercraft solution won't work; King Cove needs life-saving road

Henry Mack, Stanley Mack, and Della Trumble
Bruce Babbitt visits WFU Law
Bruce Babbitt visits WFU Law (Photo credit: WFULawSchool)
May 8, 2013

It’s easy for highly paid former federal officials like Bruce Babbitt and Jamie Clark to pretend that the lives of nearly 1,000 indigenous Aleuts in King Cove, Alaska don’t really matter. It’s also easy for them to say that a vast “array of creatures” -- most of which are only passing through as migratory waterfowl, while we live in King Cove year-round -- are somehow jeopardized by a one-lane gravel road of less than 11 miles (paid for with state of Alaska funds) through a so-called wilderness area that is part of a 450,000 acres of federal holdings that once belonged to the Aleut. These lands are part of our ancestral heritage, and we Aleuts have lived in harmony with this environment for more than 4,000 years.

It’s also easy for these highly paid professional “environmentalists” to attack our elected representatives who are advocating for the protection of our lives, health and way of life. Would Mr. Babbitt, as Arizona governor, have...