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#06-02-2013 - ComFish News Roundup

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administratio...
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration flag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
American Seafoods fined over alleged fibs
Originally published Saturday, June 1, 2013 at 8:00 PM
Seattle Times business staff
Something is fishy when the scales on a factory trawler read from 6 percent to nearly 70 percent less than what the catch really weighs. For such discrepancies, allegedly extending over many years, the federal government seeks penalties of more than $2.7 million from Seattle-based American Seafoods, which operates factory trawlers that catch and process pollock off Alaska. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) claims a pattern of crew...
NMFS to take action to stop 'scale fraud'

Alaska’s Bristol Bay mine project: Ground zero for the next big environmental fight?
By Juliet Eilperin, Published: June 1
A dispute over a proposed copper and gold mine near Alaska’s Bristol Bay may be one of the most important environmental decisions of President Obama’s second term — yet few are even aware that the fight is happening. At issue is a proposed mining operation in a remote area that is home to several Alaskan native tribes and nearly half of the world’s sockeye salmon. Six tribes have asked the Environmental Protection Agency to invoke its powers under the Clean Water Act to block...

5:26 PM FRI MAY 31, 2013
The No Smoking sign, designed by one of the me...
The No Smoking sign, designed by one of the members of AIGA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Ban Smoking in Dillingham Bars?
Apayo Moore says many area residents support the idea of smoke-free bars, and she's asking the City Council to make it happen.....

PSP poisoning case confirmed in Ketchikan
by Marco Torres
May 31, 2013 1:12 PM
According to the state Department of Health and Social Services, a local woman was hospitalized for paralytic shellfish poisoning, or PSP, on May 28, after consuming cockles and clams harvested on Gravina Island. Reported symptoms included tingling in the fingers and toes, and numbness in the lips, feet, and legs....

SUNDAY, JUN 2, 2013 04:00 AM ADT
Could California’s salmon make a comeback?
After years of decline, the rich human community that depends on California’s salmon runs may at last be rebounding...

Three poles: The Arctic, Antarctic and Himalayas all connect
English: Polar bear with cub on the ice in the...
Polar bear with cub on the ice in the Arctic Ocean north of western Russia. Published by National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Posted: Sunday, June 2, 2013 12:00 am
Falk Huettmann and Ashok K. Roy
The Arctic, the Antarctic and the Hindu Kush-Himalayas-Tibetan Plateau form a vortex of remote terrains consisting of rock, snow, glaciers, low temperatures and ice. The icy deserts and vast wilderness of this trio of poles are similar in that they have a profound impact on the earth’s climate as they act as cooling chambers; are home to several unique species such as the Arctic polar bear, the Himalayan snow leopard, and the Antarctic emperor penguin; face similar ecological challenges; shelter the planet’s primary water and ice resources impacting oceans, coastlines, and water-tables; and are fragile, specialized ecosystems. While the Arctic is an ocean basin surrounded by continents, the Antarctic is a continent...