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@GCIAK: Fairbanks: '#LTE will be the norm in Fairbanks by the end of 2013' (+Yukon River Network?)

GCI will spend $26 million to bolster cable, wireless in Fairbanks
Amanda Bohman
June 25, 2013

FAIRBANKS -- The president of General Communication Inc., better known as GCI, announced Monday
the company is spending $26 million to improve wireless service and bring Internet and cable television to areas of Fairbanks where there is none.

The company will spend $6 million this summer and the rest over the next five years.

"We hope to be able to bring substantially improved wireless speeds to you by the end of the year," GCI President Ron Duncan said at the annual shareholders meeting in the Westmark Fairbanks Hotel. "LTE  (long-term evolution) with speeds in excess of 10 megabytes will be the norm in Fairbanks by the end of 2013.".......

..............The company continues to expand its overland fiber optic and microwave network in rural Alaska. The project is called TERRA and it covers 68 communities, primarily in Southcentral and Western Alaska. GCI promises to deliver higher bandwidths and more reliability than satellite service. Nome will be added this year while site development is underway in Kotzebue.

A route adding communities along the Yukon River is under consideration, too, Duncan said. "We take a little bite each year," he said........