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#07-06-2013 - ComFish News Roundup

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report for Friday, July 5
4:45 PM FRI JULY 5, 2013
The Bristol Bay Fisheries Report for July 5 includes a story about the closure in the Nushagak District due to fuel leaking from the sunken tender Lone Star. The report also includes the latest run projection from the managers of the Port Moller Test Fishery and a story about the increase in the use of refrigerated seawater systems in Bristol Bay to chill sockeye at the point of harvest.....

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New waterfront warehouse rising in Unalaska
July 6th 1:15 am | Jim Paulin
A big new warehouse is rising on the Dutch Harbor waterfront, in a partnership between a fuel business and a factory trawler company. "Delta Western and Glacier Fish Company have a long successful relationship and have aligned their interests to partner in a joint venture to develop and build the warehouse," said Delta Western president Kirk Payne. "The warehouse is 40,000 square feet and about 30 percent of the space will support Glacier Fish Company's operations in Dutch Harbor with a modest amount of additional space available for third parties, while Delta Western will use their 50 percent of the space to support their customers' overall fuel and.....

Salmon fishing for funeral potlatch nets citations for Yukon villagers
Sean Doogan
July 5, 2013
Another fish fight is simmering in Western Alaska, this time on the mighty Yukon River in the small village of Grayling, where three people were cited last week for illegally fishing king salmon they claim was to be used in a traditional funeral potlatch. Clashes between culture and state law are not new to the region. The latest conflict echoes back to the recent fish trials in Bethel, where a state judge ruled that salmon run survival trumped the religious right Alaska Native villagers had to fish salmon from the Kuskokwim River in defiance of a state-ordered fishery closure. On June 28, three people were cited for using illegal nets while fishing....
Gulkana hatchery area faces major work ahead
Posted 07/05/2013
by - Margaret Bauman
Water levels on the East Fork Gulkana River slowly returned to normal in early July, after sweeping away millions of yards of material critical to the Gulkana Hatchery and the Richardson Highway, as an evaluation of restoration needs continued. "We will recover, (but) it will be different," said Gary Martinek, who manages the state owned hatchery for the operator, the Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corp. "We lost a complete upper spring, but on other springs we gained 300 to 400 yards. You just roll with the punches." Those springs are used to rear salmon eggs in winter months.
The hatchery, a public resource leased by the state to PWSAC, contributes thousands of red......

Alaska fisherman survives frigid 4-mile float down Copper River after boat capsizes
Jerzy Shedlock
July 5, 2013
Technologies old and new helped Chitina resident David Bruss survive after floating an estimated four miles down the churning Copper River Wednesday evening after his motorized kayak flipped over, spilling him and a full load of salmon into the frigid waters.....

F/V Bangun Perkasa Finishes Long Journey to Scrapyard #PirateRatShip
By Stephanie Joyce
Friday, July 05 2013
The “pirate ratship” is no more. The Coast Guard seized the F/V Bangun Perkasa almost two years ago while it was illegally driftnetting in the North Pacific, a practice that’s banned by United Nations moratorium because of its indiscriminate harvest. Now, the ship is on its way to the scrapyard. What’s left of the Bangun Perkasa -- and it isn’t much -- is tied up at the Magone Marine dock in Dutch Harbor. The whole top of the vessel is gone; all that’s left is the rusty hull, which looks like a giant metal canoe. It’s been more two months since Magone Marine started stripping....
North Pacific Needs Ban on New Salmon Hatcheries, Group Says
July 5, 2013 by Carla Gillespie
Salmon conditions in the North Pacific warrant a moratorium on new salmon hatcheries; redoubled efforts to curb illegal fishing and trading in Russia and improved data transparency from all production areas, according to a new report form the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership. The analysis looked at 81 fisheries in the North Pacific that target the five primary species of salmon: Chinook, chum, coho, pink and sockeye. Together they account for 97....

Diveboard: Meet the Scuba startup using citizen science to monitor underwater species #BigData
Launched out of Paris back in 2011, Diveboard began as a simple online logbook for Scuba divers, available on the Web and as an app for Android and iOS. The handiwork of Paris-based Scuba nuts Alexander Casassovici and Pascal Manchon, Diveboard is seeking to serve the diving community from around the world with something a little more apt for the modern digital age. In a nutshell, Diveboard lets you upload your dive profiles, jot down any interesting sea life you come across, friends you dived with, and save photos you snap from the ocean’s depths. “Scuba seemed an awesome playground (for a startup) – most online Scuba initiatives are old forums or static websites,” explains Casassovici. “Also, as an $8 billion market, it’s a big industry. But most important of all, we were both dreaming of a product that....