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False Pass Inches Closer to Ocean Energy #SupplyChain #SmartGrid

By Audrey Carlsen
Monday, July 29 2013

Fishermen and scientists have known for years about the extremely strong ocean currents that rush past the Aleutian town of False Pass. A recent study ( shows it might be viable as a power source for the town, but there's still plenty of work to be done.
On its way to the Arctic, frigid water from the Alaska Coastal Current cuts north through Isanotski Strait -- the pass that gives "False Pass" its name. Bruce Wright is a scientist with the Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association, and led the team studying the power potential of the strait. They knew the currents would be strong there, but what they found was even better than expected.

"One of the locations, which is in the narrow part of the pass, it has the best tidal resource so far measured in the U.S.," says Wright.

The water there can surge at up to eight miles per hour. Channeled.....

False Pass