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Medred: Flaks feed world biggest Alaska fish story ever told that never happened

Craig Medred
July 7, 2013
First there was the 200-year-old rockfish that wasn't, which spawned outrage that a fisherman would kill the old fish, which birthed the story that rockfish pulled from the depths by sport fishermen are doomed to die no matter what.

Who's to blame for the shoddy reporting? Lamestream media? Social networks? The vast government-industrial complex that feeds both?

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, of course, deserves credit for shining light on the lamestream. Then she went on to demonstrate how social media can be harnessed to twist facts and mold public opinion before a story's been reported. And then there is that government-industrial complex that exists for no other reason than to spin words in various forms: information,  disinformation, misinformation, you name it.

Businesses, interest groups, non-governmental organizations and most especially the government....

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