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Would You Use a Sailboat to Fish for Sockeye in Bristol Bay? (Sabella: Video of Bristol Bay Sailboat Days)

A sailboat used to catch salmon in Bristol Bay.
5:59 PM FRI JULY 26, 2013 By MIKE MASON
A well-known member of Bristol Bay’s driftnet fleet is looking for a captain and crew that might be interested in fishing for salmon next year in the Bay. The catch is that they would use an old double-ender sailboat. KDLG’s Mike Mason has the story.....
Published on Nov 15, 2012 For decades, until the early1950s, the world's largest salmon fishery in Alaska's Bristol Bay was pursued from tiny, open sailboats. In this excerpt from John Sabella's 1994 documentary The Great Age of Salmon, seafood industry pioneer Stan Tarrant describes the era when fishermen left the cannery dock at 6 o'clock Monday morning and lived in the open boats until they returned with their catches at 6 o'clock Saturday night.