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#08-03-2013 - ComFish News Roundup

Palpable pride in wild Copper River salmon justified
Posted 08/02/2013
by Kim Ryals - for the Cordova Times
It was a perfect perch. I was folded comfortably into a deck chair at The Reluctant Fisherman a while back, surrounded by blue skies and cotton candy whisps of white, watching the fleet turn the corner of the breakwater. As I thought about the consumers who seek out and purchase our salmon, I couldn't help but wish that they could see what I saw. Last week, for five days - and over 65 hours - a handful of lucky visitors did just that. Each year the Copper River Prince William Sound Marketing Association (CRPWSMA) puts on what is called a "media tour". Rather than attempting to reach 300 million consumers down south....

New fish plant aims for Chinatown
August 2nd 3:27 pm | By Jim Paulin
Seattle's Chinatown is the next market opportunity for local small boat fisherman, according to the plans for a new seafood packing plant in Unalaska. Sea Aleutians Seafoods LLC should open by the end of the year at the former site of Prime Alaska Seafoods on....

12:00 AM SAT AUGUST 3, 2013
Bristol Bay Fisheries Report for Saturday, August 3
The Bristol Bay Fisheries Report for Saturday, August 3 includes an update on the effort to certify Alaska's salmon fisheries as sustainable under the MSC label. The report also features a story about new research to track the migration of Nushagak....

Fish Factor
Brand power of Alaska salmon
August 02, 2013
Holy Oncorhynchus!  Any doubts about the brand power of Alaska salmon can be put to rest after the high visibility contretemps over the past few weeks – and the fish story has a happy ending.  All of Alaska’s ‘powers that be’ converged on Wal-Mart and the National Park Service (NPS) when both reportedly snubbed Alaska salmon over a labeling issue.  Both Governor Parnell and Senator Mark Begich sent letters to Wal-Mart blasting the ill-advised decision, and Senator Lisa Murkowski verbally (and very publicly) spanked the NPS for not following its own rules. The dust up stemmed from....

OPINION: Peter Pan Seafoods extends thanks to fishermen who donated to lunch program
August 2nd 3:30 pm | By Jeff Skrade
Peter Pan Seafoods in Dillingham would like to thank and honor the generous fishermen and women of Bristol Bay who contributed from their commercial catch to the Fish for Kids school lunch program.  This program was initiated seven years ago in response to a need to supply quality seafood free of charge to the local school lunch program. (see full list)

Anglers, dipnetters, commercial fishermen exchange barbs at Alaska salmon fretfest
Alaska Dispatch
Craig Medred
August 2, 2013
On the day an Anchorage judge denied the demands of commercial setnet fishermen wanting to harvest more Cook Inlet salmon, anglers and dipnetters in the state's largest city swarmed the auditorium of a state fish hatchery at an Anchorage Fish and Game Advisory Committee meeting to bemoan the damage done by the monofilament “curtains of death" used by the commercial gillnet fisheries. Personal-use dipnetters were angry they couldn't catch as many fish as they wanted on the days they could fish. Kenai River king salmon anglers were upset that so few of the big fish made it back to their spawning grounds this year. Susitna Valley anglers were mad the commercial drift gillnet fleet in Cook Inlet has messed up runs of silver salmon to streams throughout....

Demolition starts on Petersburg’s oldest harbor
by Joe Viechnicki
August 2, 2013 11:57 am
Petersburg’s oldest harbor is empty and a contracting company Thursday started pulling pilings and removing the aging floats. Those are the first steps for a major project to dredge the harbor and replace the float system over the next ten months....

Screw Your Salmon And Your Virgin Wilderness, Alaska, America Hungers For Molybdenum (satire)
How is Congress wasting everyone’s time today, besides all of the usual ways? Oh, here’s a good one: “Congress pushes EPA on giant Pebble mine.” No, not giant pebbles, which are just normal-sided rocks, after all; they mean the proposed Pebble mine, in Alaska, which is going to be a fucking disaster! This is a particularly infuriating waste of time even by Congressional standards because 1) Congress doesn’t have the authority to.....

Calif. fishermen suing to keep 'otter-free zone'
Commercial fishermen have filed a lawsuit in federal court challenging the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for abandoning a program to create an "otter-free zone" in Southern California coastal waters that sustain shellfish industries. The lawsuit, filed this week by the Pacific Legal Foundation on behalf of harvesters of sea urchin, abalone and lobster south of Point Conception, accuses the agency of illegally terminating the program without...

Federal agency denies petition to delist Pacific NW killer whales
By Bettina Boxall
August 2, 2013, 6:35 p.m.
Federal officials have denied a petition by San Joaquin Valley farmers to drop a small West Coast group of killer whales from the endangered species list. The refusal represents the latest development in a decade-long legal battle over protections for three pods of orca whales that swim off the Pacific Northwest coast, ranging as....,0,6235785.story

Alaska Airlines: Mobile downloads to help Hawaii reef
The Associated Press 6:12 p.m. EDT August 2, 2013
HONOLULU (AP) - Alaska Airlines is partnering with The Nature Conservancy of Hawaii to restore near-shore coral reefs. The airline says in a release that it will donate $1 to the conservancy for every download of its mobile application in August. The minimum contribution will....

Maine governor supports a self-sufficient lobster industry
Friday, August 02, 2013, 23:50 (GMT + 9)
Maine governor, Paul LePage, would like to have new plants to process the lobsters captured near the coasts of the state so that the seafood industry becomes self-sufficient in the next three years. However, he stated that this is proving difficult since the present Legislature is not favourable to business as the energy costs and tax are still high, the Bangor Daily News reported. “The people who say we aren’t creating jobs are the same ones who are preventing....

Canada: Thousands of dollars worth of halibut are being discarded at sea
Thursday August 1, 2013
Halibut abundance is closing down other fisheries. West coast harvesters say enough is enough, and they want answers.....

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