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#08-22-2013 - ComFish News Roundup

New Project Expores Alaskans' Relationship With Salmon
Aug 21, 2013
Mike Mason/KDLG
Alaska is home to a tremendous salmon resource that touches nearly every life in the state in one way or another. A new effort is underway to try and understand that relationship. KDLG’s Mike Mason has the story.....

2:46 PM WED AUGUST 21, 2013
Dillingham: City Dock Still Closed, May Reopen As Soon As Monday
Dillingham's Port Director said damaged portions of the dock have been extracted, and new materials should be installed this week.
DILLINGHAM:  Efforts are underway to get the Dillingham City Dock fully reopened, which may happen as soon as the first part of next week. "We have the damaged sheets extracted from the mud, and we’re waiting for new sheets to arrive today," said Dillingham Port Director Jean Barrett Wednesday.  "The new sheets will probably get pounded into place tomorrow and Friday. Hopefully we can start backfilling the cell with gravel this weekend.”....

4:00 PM WED AUGUST 21, 2013
EPA's McCarthy Planning Trip To Bristol Bay Next Week
The new administrator is expected to meet with area tribes and tour the site of the proposed Pebble Mine.
DILLINGHAM:   KDLG News has learned that the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Gina McCarthy, is expected to be in Bristol Bay next week. Details of her trip were not immediately released, though it was...
Sen. Begich Meets With Fishing Interests
Posted: August 21, 2013 at 5:28 pm
U.S. Senator Mark Begich was in Kenai today, wrapping up his third and final “listening sessions” with local fishermen.....

August 20, 2013 7:33 PM
Japanese fishermen face new setback with latest Fukushima leak
Crab season brings Ore. millions of dollars
We've just hit the official end of commercial crab fishing on the Oregon coast, and fisherman say this year was better in some areas than others.....