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#10-26-2013 - ComFish News Roundup

Two possible paralytic shellfish poisoning cases reported in Sitka
The Pioneer Home, one of Sitka's many historic...
The Pioneer Home, one of Sitka's many historic structures, in May 2002. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
State health officials remind public about risks
October 26, 2013
Saturday AM
(SitNews) Sitka, Alaska - Two probable cases of paralytic shellfish poisoning have been reported to the Alaska Section of Epidemiology. Both were the result of eating shellfish harvested in the Sitka area on Oct. 18, 2013. After eating two of the clams, the male patient reported tingling in his left hand and lips. He was nauseated and vomited. The female patient had similar symptoms with a headache. Both patients sought care at local emergency departments. Both were treated and released. Leftover clams were....

Fishing technique known as trawling can sometimes be productive
fish0193 (Photo credit: NOAA Photo Library)
By Amanda Alvarez, ISNS
October 26, 2013
(SitNews) Ketchikan, Alaska - High-intensity raking of the seabed, called trawling, is a very effective fishing method that can inflict significant collateral damage on sea life. However, it can sometimes help fish populations to grow, scientists have found. In a study appropriately titled "When does fishing lead to more fish?" Dutch scientists pinpointed the circumstances under which destructive trawling can actually stimulate fish numbers and lead to greater catches. As industry professionals and activists seek sustainable solutions for dwindling fish populations and legislators in the European Union debate regulations that would ban....

New saloon proposed for city of Unalaska
October 25th 11:53 am | Jim Paulin
APL (Photo credit: anyaku2419)
Unalaskans may soon have a new place to go drinking, at the Norwegian Rat Saloon.
Monica Henning, one of the owners, declined for now to discuss her plans for the proposed establishment on 1906 Airport Beach Road, across the street from the Safeway supermarket and the hotel. But she said Monday that she will let the public know soon about her plans for the new business. The proposed bar's owners are now in the preliminary stages of applying for a dispensary license from the state...