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#11-30-2013 - ComFish News Roundup

Agency releases sockeye forecast November 29th 12:07 pm | Joseph Miller The long awaited projections for next year's sockeye salmon runs are becoming available for the fishermen of Bristol Bay. On Nov. 18, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game released the first draft of its projections for the 2014 sockeye harvest for the Bristol Bay area. According to the preliminary estimates, the overall harvest numbers for the upcoming year will be around 26.6 million for the area. The number of sockeyes recorded for the 2013 fishing season in Bristol Bay was around 23 million fish. The department's projections for next year indicate that there will be an increase of 4 million fish from last year. In Bristol Bay, at least 8.6 million fish are required to meet the department's escapement goals, which will put next year's... For seafood marketers, Copper River salmon operate from position of strength

#11-29-2013 - ComFish News Roundup

Unalaska: Council Moves Forward on Small Boat Harbor Float Designs By Annie Ropeik Wednesday, November 27 2013 City council approved a new contract to finish redesigning C float at the Bobby Storrs Boat Harbor at their meeting Tuesday night. The contract is with PND Engineers for $515,000. PND has been a part of the redesign process since January. Port director Peggy McLaughlin told the council that their preferred design for C float is a straight, linear pontoon float with no fingers off the side. "It gives us all kinds of flexibility in terms of what we can moor there in size and width," she said. "And we will also have additional.... Deckboss: State trims Bristol Bay sockeye forecast — Hauling Gear #Alaska (@haulinggear) November 28, 2013 Bristol Bay Data >

NOAA: Sushi customers embrace the use of edible QR Codes

Bite-sized Food for Thought: Edible QR codes - Photo: Courtesy of @HarneySushi — NOAA Fisheries (@NOAAFisheries) November 29, 2013 BITE-SIZED FOOD FOR THOUGHT: EDIBLE QR CODES If you like sushi, you're familiar with wasabi and ginger—but there's a new kid on the sushi block. San Diego's Harney Sushi disclaimer is serving up edible QR (quick response) codes along with their fish—codes you can scan with a smart phone and then eat—and their first codes point you to Printed on rice paper with edible ink, the QR codes sit atop maki, nigiri, and sashimi, or they're used as a garnish. Once scanned, they provide valuable information on fish. It all started when Robert Ruiz, Harney's executive chef, was looking for more accurate information to give to his customers. The restaurant serves more than 25 tons of sashimi-grade fish each year. Unbiased, up-to-date seafood facts a

King Crab for Turkey Day? - #RogerThat

Send this thing home guys. Because next year we want a king crab from Bristol Bay. — Hauling Gear #Alaska (@haulinggear) November 28, 2013 YES!!! " @adndotcom King crab for Turkey Day? This is Alaska. Think differently " — Lori Tipton Lester (@LoriTiptonKTVA) November 27, 2013

Industry Pitches In to Feed Residents of St. Lawrence Island

Wednesday, November 27, 2013 Industry Pitches In to Feed Residents of St. Lawrence Island Residents of St. Lawrence Island, way out west of Nome, Alaska, in the Bering Sea, are scheduled to get a big holiday gift this year – 40,000 pounds of canned salmon from five seafood processors donating some 8,000 pounds each. The island residents – some 681 residents of Gambell and 671 residents of Savoonga – had a poor subsistence walrus hunting season – a hunt critical to the island’s food supply and cash economy. Pacific Seafood Processors Association decided....

#11-27-2013 - ComFish News Roundup

Turkey Trivia RT @FSologists_AK : #Alaska is the only state that does NOT have a self-sustaining wild turkey population. @butterball — KTOO (@KTOOpubmedia) November 27, 2013 Kodiak gives thanks for the fish … — Hauling Gear #Alaska (@haulinggear) November 27, 2013 I'm thankful to work in such a fantastic industry. — Jessica Hathaway (@NFJes) November 27, 2013 Market Fresh: King crab for Turkey Day BY STEVE EDWARDS Daily News correspondent November 26, 2013 Updated 12 hours ago Sure, Thursday is a big turkey day, but we're Alaskans. We pick fins over feathers and local over flown-in any day. So think differently. And Alaska's cold waters are producing. "Finally got in this season's red king crab in and the rumors that we initially heard on the product were true -- big, bright and full of meat," says John Jackson of New Sagaya Markets. "So here it is first of the season... http://www.adn.c Murkowski: @AlaskaSalmon Sustainability Fight Gets Major Change in Guidelines - TUESDAY NOVEMBER 26 2013 Third-Party Alaska Salmon Adversaries Removed From Federal Operation Guide Altogether Senator Lisa Murkowski (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) has wiped the names of controversial outside groups that decline to consider Wild Alaska salmon as ‘sustainable’ – when Alaska is the only state to have a sustainability mandate written in its Constitution and salmon known as “the flagship species for sustainability around the world” – from its concessions guidelines after a half-year struggle by Senator Lisa Murkowski.  In a recent letter (attached) from a GSA Assistant Commissioner, the official writes to Senator Murkowski that the agency agrees, and that “American managed fisheries do not require third-party certification to demonstrate responsible and sustainable practices.” The federal government’s internal rules explicitly state “the government does not endorse any particular labeling or documentati

#11-26-2013 - ComFish News Roundup

Canada approves production of GM salmon eggs on commercial scale via @guardian — Corey Arnold (@coreyfishes) November 26, 2013 Map of the Bering Sea, with the Aleutian Basin clearly discernable here in the southwest portion of the sea. (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) MONDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 2013 Pollock quota looks to stay flat The 2014 quota for Bering Sea pollock isn't likely to change much from the current year.... Silver Bay Seafoods fined for tendering undersized Tanner crab by Emily Forman, KCAW November 25, 2013 12:15 pm The Sitka District Court has fined Silver Bay Seafoods $16,000 for tendering what State Troopers estimate to be over 3,000 pounds of undersized Tanner crab earlier this year. The judgement was signed by Magistrate Leonard Devaney on Wednesday (11-20-13). In February, Al

#11-25-2013 - ComFish News Roundup

Aquabounty GM salmon cleared for commercial production in Canada November 25, 2013, 9:48 am Undercurrent News Aquaounty Technologies has been cleared to produce salmon eggs in Canada for commercial purposes, according to a press release on Nov. 25. Environment Canada has decided that ‘AquAdvantage salmon’ is not harmful.... Arctic Marine Survey Work: NOAA & Coastguard Join Hands -  Installing survey monitors on cutter Spar Sunday, November 24, 2013 With the Alaskan coast comprising 57% of the U.S. navigationally significant waters, a multi-agency partnership for hydro survey data is necessary for maritime safety. Since 2008, NOAA has been.... Shrinking Fishing Towns Wonder, Where Did All the Salmon Go? Posted by alaskanfood in Explorers Journal on November 24, 20