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#11-02-2013 - ComFish News Roundup

KTOO (Metlakatla)
Murkowski Responds to Resignation of Alaska Salmon Adversary
Senator Hopes Transition Steers Marine Stewardship Council Back to Solid Policy - Nov 1, 2013 - WASHINGTON, D.C.— Senator Lisa Murkowski today responded to the news that Kerry Coughlin (LinkedIn) , Regional Director for the controversial Marine Stewardship Council, resigned amid an ongoing battle over its claims that Alaska wild salmon is not sustainable:

“These have been a rough couple of years of dealing with MSC from an Alaskan perspective. I can only hope that new leadership may bring a more reasoned approach and added scientific rigor to their work.

This is an organization that began its work in Alaska as a valued partner, but more recently has taken on a confrontational and adversarial attitude toward the same fisheries that helped it get its start.”

Anchorage Hilton: Wakefield Symposium Will Focus on Bycatch
Jay Barrett/KMXT
Seafood bycatch has long been a hot button topic in coastal Alaska, but knowledge of – and outrage over – has spread statewide in recent years with increased awareness of the sheer number of salmon taken on the high seas. The Lowell Wakefield Fisheries Symposium in May will be exclusively dedicated to...

Pebble debate rages on
November 1st 1:40 pm | Carey Restino
Only weeks after the announcement that Anglo American had pulled out of the Pebble Partnership, with some in the state predicting the mine plans were all but sunk, the anti-Pebble mine contingent continues to push on. A new coalition was announced last week to "demand action from the Obama Administration and elect officials to stop the Pebble Mine and protect Alaska's jobs and way of life." The partnership — Bristol Bay United — identifies itself as a diverse coalition consisting of Tim Bristol, Alaska State Director for Trout Unlimited, Jason Metrokin, CEO of the Bristol Bay Native Corporation, and Bob Waldrop, executive director of the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association. The group began....

Compass: These 2 Alaskans should be able to petition without paying
English: Jay Hammond in 2005.
English: Jay Hammond in 2005. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Published: November 1, 2013
Shortly before Jay Hammond's death in August 2005, I participated in a gas line development dinner at the Hotel Captain Cook. About 30 people attended, including former governors Wally Hickel, Sarah Palin and Hammond. Jay Hammond had recently written an opinion piece questioning a sitting state senator's ties to Veco. The senator's income from his work for Veco exceeded his legislative salary and Gov. Hammond dared to publicly question the....

NOAA to raise catch limits on fish until 2014
NEW BEDFORD — With so few of certain species of groundfish being caught, the Northeast fisheries office Thursday announced it is raising the allowable possession limits until April 30, 2014, the end of this fishing year.....

November 1, 2013
Fishermen eligible for federal disaster aid
Gloucester Daily Times....

SmartFish: Catching gold in the fish market
The Japanese fisherman caught a goliath grouper and began to cry. That was when Hoyt Peckham knew things had to change. Peckham had been in the fishing industry for decades, fishing and advising fishing communities in Maine, the Caribbean, Mexico, Polynesia, and Southeast Asia. He had organized exchanges among Japanese, Hawaiian, and Mexican fishermen to....