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#11-18-2013 - ComFish News Roundup - Utah media pans Pebble

Utah mine becomes a debating point in Alaskan environmental fight
By John HollenhorstNovember 17th, 201
ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Utah's biggest and best known mine has become a debating point in an environmental fight concerning a huge Alaska project known as the Pebble Mine. Rio Tinto is a partner in the proposed mine that would be just as big as Kennecott's Bingham Canyon Mine and brings with it the promise of mining riches for the company and the Alaskan economy. "Oh, yeah, it's a world-class prospect," said John Shively, CEO of the Pebble Limited Partnership, which is battling to get the Pebble Mine approved in an area of Southwest Alaska known as Bristol Bay. "It's one of the largest copper prospects in the world. It's one of the largest gold prospects. So it's large, there's no question about it." But Native Alaskan Petla Noden of the Curyung Tribe said Kennecott's....

Fishermen landed 219 million pink salmon in Alaska; can they sell that many?
Alaska Dispatch
Margaret Bauman
The Cordova Times
November 17, 2013
A record pink salmon harvest of 219 million humpies has the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute scurrying to provide markets for all that fish. During ASMI's all-hands meeting in Anchorage last month, the board directed staff involved in marketing on the domestic and international front to come up with a budget up to $1.5 million more than their current budgets in those areas to promote the millions of pink salmon landed during the 2013 fishery. The board wants to hear from those engaged in domestic food service marketing, domestic retail marketing and international marketing on their thoughts on how best to market canned frozen....

Atka mackerel: Fish Board to entertain emergency petition....

United States lands more fish - but consumption falls
Published:  18 November, 2013
LANDINGS by United States commercial fishermen last year totalled around $5.1 billion in value, new figures from the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) show. The volume was 9.6 billion punds (US). The value and volume of fish and shellfish caught remain higher than the average for the previous ten years of 9.2 billion pounds and $4.1 billion, although this represents a small decrease from the high level of landings and value in 2011. Sam Rauch, acting NOAA assistant administrator for Fisheries said: “Healthy, sustainable fish and shellfish stocks are incredibly important to our nation’s social and economic fabric. The high landings and value of seafood in 2012 support the three-decade long effort that has gone into...

Dungeness Crab Season Opens Amid New Regulations 
By Joe Rosato Jr. | Friday, Nov 15, 2013 Just in time for Thanksgiving, crab season is set to begin The docks of San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf were teeming with life; forklifts zipped in every direction, hoists lowered stacks of crab traps onto waiting boats, and fishermen stocked their boats with ice and bait. “This year’s a go,” said fisherman Rich Fitzpatrick as he leaned on a metal rail taking in the action. “Tomorrow morning we’ll be setting our gear.” Commercial fishermen heading out for the prized Dungeness crabs are allowed to begin setting their traps at 6 a.m. Thursday morning, and...

NE: Using more scallop parts could create new industry 
Posted 11/18/13.....,93135

November 17, 2013
Fishtown Local: Feds' cruelest joke of all 
Fishtown Local Gordon Baird Can I believe what I’m reading? Is this some kind of colossal joke? It seems more like a story from The Onion, which specializes in sick humor on the national level. But yes, it’s true. Sen. Barbara Mikulski, a Democrat from Maryland has had a running battle with NOAA for years, accusing it of operating without congressional oversight and incorporating a flawed decision-making process, particularly in the Chesapeake Bay region. This is, of course, what Gloucester and New England fishermen have been saying for a decade in response to the out-of-control federal agency. They and our....

Royce’s Seagoing “Aquarium” Transports Tons of Live Fish to UK Markets
BY ROB ALMEIDA ON NOVEMBER 18, 2013 There’s certainly no substitute to eating fresh, unfrozen fish immediately after catch, particularly if it’s tuna and you happen to have some wasabi sauce on board, but for those of you who have to go to the market to get your fish, well, your options are what they are. Faroese salmon fishery, Bakkafrost has chosen to try and....