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#11-24-2013 - ComFish News Roundup

Troopers hit 'Wild West Alaska' star with slew of hunting violations
November 23, 2013
Jim West, the 60-year-old mustachioed weapons aficionado at the center of the rough-edged reality TV show, "Wild West Alaska," faces a slew of criminal hunting charges. Alaska State Troopers allege that West personally killed a bear during a guided hunt, helped a client kill a moose inside Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve without permission and guided numerous black bear hunts on Native corporation lands, also without permission. Troopers seized West's Cessna 185 floatplane as part of their investigation. "Wild West Alaska," on the Animal Planet network, focuses on the Anchorage store West founded in 1992, Wild West Guns, which is billed as Alaska's largest custom rifle and handgun shop. West, who owns the Klutina Lodge in Copper Center near Wrangell-St. Elias, is also a....
U.S. Department of Defense releases nation's Arctic strategy
Yereth Rosen
November 23, 2013
As the Arctic climate continues to change, marine traffic and development grows and threats of man-made or natural disasters loom, the United States has a growing national-security interest in keeping the region peaceful and safe, according to the Department of Defense Arctic Strategy released Friday. The eight-point DOD strategy, intended to complement the White House Arctic strategy issued in May, emphasizes opportunities for cooperation with other nations and with....

In War for Same-Day Delivery, Racing Madly to Go Last Mile #SupplyChain
Published: November 23, 2013
There’s a hot new job in tech: delivery guy. As the holiday shopping season gets underway, same-day delivery has become a new battleground for e-commerce. For all the sophisticated algorithms and proprietary logistics software involved, many services come down to someone like Fermin Andujar, who finds himself racing to a store, scanning the aisles for the requested items, buying them and rushing them to the customer. According to eBay’s job description, he is a “valet,” dispatched on Manhattan streets as a personal shopper on a bicycle or in other cities in a car. The app for eBay Now, the company’s local shopping service, promises that valets will complete a shop-and-drop-off not just in the same day but “in about an hour,” a....