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New labor report shows upswing in fisheries jobs (full .pdf)

New labor report shows upswing in fisheries jobs
November 23, 2013 Updated 7 hours ago

More Alaskans are taking to the fishing life, as indicated by upward ticks in harvesting jobs for three years running.

That's according to the November Alaska Economic Trends by the state Labor Department, which provides a look at the numbers of "boots on deck" by region and fishery. A first: economists Jack Cannon and Josh Warren also looked at how much time is put into fishing pre- and post-season prep work and clean up, and what jobs fishermen do during the off times.

Some highlights >

Dept Labor Focuses on Commercial Fisheries Employment
Posted: November 13, 2013 at 12:10 pm
Every month, the State Department of Labor releases a report on employment trends, and for November they released new information on commercial fisheries jobs.

Report author Josh Warren is a state economist… (audio)