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#12-03-2013 - ComFish News Roundup
Aleutian crabbers bank on science to solve mysteries of golden kings 
December 2, 2013 by Laine Welch
 Golden king crab from the Aleutian Islands are one of Alaska’s biggest stocks – and one of its biggest mysteries. They are such an interesting animal and they live in this rocky environment where they hang on the cliffs and they are difficult to fish… and there is almost nothing known about the Aleutian Islands....

Cutter Storis Gets Closer Look by Mexican Authorities
Dec 02, 2013
Jay Barrett/KMXT
The retired Coast Guard Cutter Storis is back in the news, though it helps if you know Spanish to read about it. The once-longest serving cutter in the U.S. Coast Guard was written up in an Ensenada, Mexico, newspaper, first for a raid by government officials over a...

Yukon chief says get tough with Americans on salmon
CBC News Posted: Dec 02, 2013 1:37 PM CT
Preliminary data indicates the 2012 Chinook salmon run on the Yukon River was the worst ever. The International Yukon River Panel is meeting in Whitehorse this week to plan a management strategy for 2014. Federal Fisheries officials who...

International Fish Markets under Pressure
03 December 2013
ANALYSIS - The global market for aquatic products is being impacted by the difficult economic situation in the major importing markets and the situation does not look likely to improve in the near future except at the peak times during the season, writes Chris Harris According to a report from the French food and agriculture analysts France AgriMer white fish, in France, especially cod, is abundant and the market is stable with relatively low prices. In October, the price of whole cod from Norway was 10 per cent lower than last year on the French market. France AgriMer says that the salmon market, however, is still under pressure with....