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#12-21-2013 - ComFish News Roundup

Chobani vs. Whole Foods over GMOs

By TARINI PARTI | 12/20/13 10:50 AM EST Updated: 12/20/13 1:38 PM EST
Whole Foods’ decision to drop Chobani yogurt from its shelves early next year might have started out as a fight over labeling of products with genetically modified organisms, but now the move seems to be about everything but. The supermarket and top-selling Greek yogurt brand are now caught in a public battle in which Whole Foods has repeatedly defended its decision to phase out the leading industry product while Chobani has cast doubt on the retailer’s commitment to GMO labeling and organic products, calling it an excuse to kick out the main competitor to the store’s own 365 Everyday Value Greek Yogurt. Not all Whole Foods Greek yogurt is GMO-free; “half of Whole Foods isn’t GMO-free,” said Peter McGuinness, Chobani’s chief marketing officer, in an interview with POLITICO. “This is not a GMO issue. I’m emphatic about this.” “Why would you phase out the No. 1 Greek yogurt brand in America?” he continued. “I don’t know the answer to that question, but....

A sinking feeling
Suit filed to protect wild salmon threatens McKenzie fishing guides
By Christian Hill
The Register-Guard
PUBLISHED: 12:00 A.M., DEC 21
From mid-May through July each year, McKenzie River fishing guide Jarrod Kelso is making money while having the time of his life.............
.............The lifeblood of Kelso’s McKenzie River work is the salmon that are bred in and released from a state hatchery. It’s illegal to kill wild salmon, but it is legal to take the hatchery-bred fish, which the state marks by a clipped fin. And the state hatchery ensures there are plenty of hatchery salmon in the river....

Rio Tinto urged to cut ties to Alaska mine project
Posted: Friday, December 20, 2013 12:54 pm
Associated Press
JUNEAU, Alaska - The chief financial officers of New York City and the state of California have asked Rio Tinto plc to sell its shares of the company behind the proposed Pebble Mine project in southwest Alaska. New York City Comptroller John Liu and California State Controller John Chiang said they oversee pension funds that are substantial, long-term shareowners in London-based Rio Tinto. The company owns a 19 percent share of Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd., which recently assumed full ownership of the mine project......
SEDA’s strategy: support large vessels, attract outside dollars
by Emily Forman, KCAW
December 20, 2013 11:18 am
At Wednesday’s Chamber of Commerce luncheon, Garry White, Executive Director of the Sitka Economic Development Association (SEDA), discussed plans to make Sawmill Cove Industrial Park more accessible to larger vessels. A step that could bring much needed outside dollars to Sitka. Mentioning a projected loss in cruise ship passenger volume – 69% since 2008, White cautioned that Sitka needs to focus on developing prime industries – those....

Report: Fish farms can be environmentally safe
WASHINGTON, Dec. 19 (UPI) -- Certain kinds of fish farming, with proper planning and safeguards, can be undertaken with little or no harm to coastal ocean environments, U.S. officials say.....

Farmed fish line raises questions
December 20th 11:23 am | Carey Restino
A Bristol Bay resident on vacation in the Lower 48 last week was surprised to pick up a package of Ocean Beauty Seafoods Cajun smoked salmon and find on the back the words "Farm Raised, Product of Chile." Ocean Beauty Seafoods — a major player in the U.S. seafood market — is half owned by the Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation, a nonprofit community development corporation that provides jobs, training and educational opportunities to eligible residents of Bristol Bay. The corporation ­— founded in 1992 as the Community Development Quota Holder — is also charged with providing economic development tools and resources for....

Alaska Longline Company, L.L.C., announces the hire of Michael J. Petersen as general manager
Posted on December 20, 2013
(Petersburg, Alaska – Dec. 10, 2013) Alaska Longline Company, L.L.C., announces the hire of Michael J. Petersen as general manager. Mike will be responsible for overseeing all business operations for the company. He will be based in the Seattle office with a starting date of Monday, Dec. 9, 2013.....

Dillingham post office customers frustrated
December 20th 11:20 am | Carey Restino
Few things could be more frustrating than waiting and waiting for Christmas gifts to arrive to rural Alaska, only to find they have been returned without any package slip in your box. Or the irritation of explaining to a government official that they can't ship your pilot's license to your physical address because it won't get to you. A thread on Facebook about Dillingham's frustrations with its post office elicited dozens of stories like those of Brian Heyano and Ryan Miller, each as passionate as the last. A particularly panicked poster said there was a large cart of ....

@Sen. Lesil McGuire
McGuire updates NPFMC on Arctic Policy Commission
December 20th 10:55 am | Jim Paulin
Arctic and fisheries policies are intersecting in the Bering Sea, the "garden of Alaska," Sen. Lesil McGuire told the North Pacific Fishery Management Council last week, on behalf of the Alaska Arctic Policy Commission. McGuire is the co-chair of the commission, created by the state legislature to develop an Arctic policy. The commission has been holding meetings around the state, collecting information about the best ways to respond to "unprecedented" changes brought on by melting sea ice, increased international shipping traffic, and the advent of offshore oil development. The greatest emphasis on fisheries was heard at.... > Link to full

Parnell Open To Funding Southeast Hydro
By Casey Kelly, KTOO - Juneau |
December 20, 2013 - 10:09 am
Governor Sean Parnell’s recent budget proposal does not include any Southeast Alaska hydroprojects. But he says he still believes hydro is the solution to the region’s high energy costs. At Thursday’s Juneau Chamber of Commerce luncheon, Parnell was asked what his administration was doing to.... #SmartGrid

OR: ‘The governor’s putting me out of business’
Posted: Thursday, December 19, 2013 9:28 am
By Ted Shorack
The Daily Astorian
Commercial gillnetters and local community members remain upset and concerned about a transition plan that will move gillnets off the main stem of the Columbia River by 2017. A string of questions about implementing the plan were directed at Oregon and Washington fish and wildlife department staff at Wednesday’s annual Salmon for All meeting in Astoria. Among the staff were Roy Elicker, director of Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, and Guy Norman, regional director for Washington’s fish and wildlife department. Many of the......

NE: Editorial: Fishing council left toothless
On the surface, the creation of eight regional fishery management councils — including the one for New England based in Newburyport which carries out policy hearings and helps set catch guidelines and limits....

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