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#12-22-2013 - ComFish News Roundup

New protections are on the way for deep-sea 'trash fish'
Yereth Rosen
December 21, 2013
The lowly grenadier, a deep-sea fish that nobody seems to want, is finally getting some respect. Federal fishery managers last weekend tentatively approved a plan that will give some new protections to the odd-looking grenadiers, which are unintentionally harvested in large numbers by fishermen targeting much more lucrative species. Under the plan advanced by the North Pacific Fishery Management Council and set for final action in February, grenadiers would be formally monitored as a part of the marine ecosystem supporting the nation’s largest fish harvests. Right now, grenadiers get no such oversight. They are considered a “trash fish,” a nuisance to fishermen harvesting sablefish and Greenland turbot from the icy waters off Alaska. They are lumped in an “other fish” category, and there are no limits on how much is allowed to be caught accidentally during harvests of other species. That bycatch is considerable. An average 16,000 metric tons were hauled up annually from 1997 to 2012, according to National Marine Fisheries Service estimates based on....
Fish and Game releases 2013 FAQ
Posted: December 21, 2013 - 7:37pm  |  Updated: December 21, 2013 - 7:48pm
By Rashah McChesney
Peninsula Clarion
The Alaska Department of Fish and Game released a Frequently Asked Questions document designed to answer questions about the 2013 Kenai River king salmon runs. The four-page document, posted to the ADFG web page Friday evening, answers questions about ADFG estimates of size and age of king salmon that made it into the Kenai River during the 2013 season, the sonar programs used to...

Promoting fisheries
Ketchikan is a seafood town.
The United Fishermen's Association has completed its 2013 edition of Alaska Community Fishing Facts to promote the seafood industry. The fact sheets show Ketchikan ranked 18th in the nation among ports in terms of volume and value for 2012 landings. These numbers translate into jobs in small and family businesses that operate on Southeast's waterways. Ketchikan has 602 permit holders, of which 236 fished in '12. This resulted in 608 skippers and crew working that season. Ketchikan-based fishermen earned an estimated $26.6 million, which circulated in the...

Fish Factor
Fishing facts for Alaska communities
December 21, 2013
(SitNews) - Want to know at a glance how many fishing boats call the Kenai Peninsula Borough home? It’s 1,089.  Or what percentage of Wrangellites fish for a living?  Just over 15 percent. Or how many skippers plus crew fish out of Juneau?  That number is 705. To help policy makers and the public become better informed about how the seafood industry fits into the state’s economy, the United Fishermen of Alaska has compiled Fishing Fact sheets for 26 communities, plus statewide tallies for Alaska and Washington. A big misconception the well documented UFA data puts to rest is that money from fishing only benefits the coastal communities where the fish crosses the docks. In fact, seafood landing and business taxes are split 50/50 between the port where the fish is delivered and state coffers – to be distributed at the whim of the Alaska legislature. At a glance, the fishing facts show that Kodiak (home to 690 fishing boats) received over $1.6 million in .....

Thanks for the Christmas gift Ocean Beauty! Well almost…
Posted by admin2
Saturday, December 21, 2013
An article that recently appeared in the Bristol Bay Times seemed too good to be true: an acknowledgement that farmed and wild-caught seafood can and do live together in the ocean and in the marketplace. This refreshing message has been a theme in many of our blog posts over the past five years. While this “revelation” is certainly welcome, we also noticed a few quotes of concern, and noted them for you below....

Former Haines Rep. Thomas files to run for state office in 2014
By Casey Kelly
Posted on December 21, 2013 at 12:44 pm
Former Haines Representative Bill Thomas has filed a letter of intent to run for state office in 2014. He did not indicate which office he will seek, but Thomas is eligible to run for either House or Senate in districts representing Juneau. House District 33 includes....

State officials shutting down geoduck tract to harvesting
The Associated Press
Last modified: December 21. 2013 5:17PM
OLYMPIA — State officials Friday shut down commercial geoduck clam harvesting on 135 acres of state-owned aquatic land while they investigate toxicity concerns that prompted China to ban West Coast shellfish. In early December, the state learned that China had banned the import of clams, oysters, mussels and scallops from much of the North American West Coast, saying it had detected paralytic shellfish poison and arsenic in the giant clams.....

Critics of Pacific Coast fishing quota system say the program needs more qualified monitors
By JASON DEAREN  Associated Press
December 21, 2013 - 6:52 pm EST
MONTEREY, California — The skipper of a fishing boat that has trawled Monterey Harbor for decades says he's been docked since spring, unable to earn a living. Jiri Nozicka says a federal quota system enacted to protect both fish and the commercial fishing industry has problems that he can't navigate. "How do I plan anything?" he asked, recently standing on the deck of the San Giovanni. "I can't. It's impossible." He's not alone in criticizing the "catch shares" system and calling for changes. Commercial fishers, industry experts and government officials are among those who say that while fish populations are recovering, too few people in California are benefiting from that...

Spike in Harm to Liver Is Tied to Dietary Aids
Published: December 21, 2013
............... “There unfortunately are criminals that feel it’s a business opportunity to spike some products and sell them as dietary supplements,” said Duffy MacKay, a spokesman for the Council for Responsible Nutrition, a supplement industry trade group. “It’s the fringe of the industry, but as you can see, it is affecting some consumers.” More popular supplements like vitamins, minerals, probiotics and fish oil had not been linked to “patterns of adverse effects,” he said........

Our View: Complex fisheries need the best minds
December 22, 2013 12:00 AM
The New England groundfishery is a disaster. Conservationists know it, the federal government knows it, processors, shipyards and supply houses know it. And nobody knows it like fishermen do. The source of the disaster can be summed up in a word: Complexity. Around every corner in the quest to manage the groundfishery lurks another tangled issue. Fishery managers declare catch limits that are little better than arbitrary because our definitions of overfishing are at odds, a condition created by murky, imprecise language in the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery and Conservation Management Act, further complicated by....


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