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#12-23-2013 - ComFish News Roundup

Northern Exposure for 1 Gig
Who says 1 Gbit/s service can't be offered close to the Arctic Circle?
Not General Communication Inc. (GCI) (Nasdaq: GNCMA), which plans to launch Alaska's first gigabit broadband service over fiber lines in the Anchorage area by the beginning of 2015. GCI announced plans for the new "fiber re:D" service late last week while also doubling its current top broadband speeds to 100 Mbit/s and cutting the price of that service. Thus, GCI, the largest cable and telecom provider in Alaska with 118,000 basic video and nearly 115,000 cable modem subscribers, will join Google Fiber Inc. , AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T), CenturyLink Inc. (NYSE: CTL), and smaller service....

Butcher of Heartache on the Bering Sea
ESSAY - From the December 23, 2013 issue
By Kevin Taylor
One blue-dark hour after midnight, a Coast Guard rescue diver in the Bering Sea grins his dimpled, manly grin at me from a TV show on the dangers of commercial fishing and cheerfully exclaims, "These are the major leagues of death!" Just after New Year's, I ride an overnight bus from Spokane, Wash., to the Fishermen's Terminal in Ballard, a Scandinavian sea-faring enclave of Seattle. In the harbor you can see the MV Stellar Sea, its creased and battered blue sides looming high above smaller vessels out at the far end of the wharf. The Stellar, an ocean-going factory ship, is loading for a three-month voyage to the Bering Sea, west of Alaska. I am a middle-aged former newspaper copyeditor unmoored by loss. I have to go.
Lat. 47.6 N
Long. 123.3 W
Jan. 5. 1600 hours.....

December 23, 2013
Report: Fisherman lost off Cape Ann fell through door
By Times Staff
Gloucester Daily Times
The fisherman who fell from a boat some 32 miles off Cape Ann on Thursday and is presumed lost at sea, has been identified as a Westbrook, Maine, man who reportedly went through a door that was supposed to be locked and fell overboard. The U.S. Coast Guard suspended its search Friday for the 47-year-old man now identified as Martin Gorham, according to the Portland (Maine) Press Herald, which spoke with the missing crewman’s mother. The Coast Guard had searched the 47-degree water covering some 290 square miles with vessels that included one out of....

What Can the EU Learn from its Neighbours on Implementing Maximum Sustainable Yield?
23 December 2013
EU flag square
EU flag square (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
EU - Three case studies investigating various aspects of sound governance with regards to sustainable fisheries management from which the EU can potentially learn have recently been published by the Myfish project. The Myfish project aims to provide an operational framework for the implementation of the Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSY) concept in European waters. As part of the project, a review of existing and proposed MSY variants, constraints and.....

Norwegian fish import banned
Saturday, December 21, 2013, 03:20 (GMT + 9)
The import of certain Norwegian fish species has been banned by Russian authorities with the exception of salmon starting in 2014. The ban has taken place due to concerns about safety of the Norwegian fish products exported to Russia and a number of violations detected during documentary inspection performed this year when non-identified products, products with unreliable date of production were identified......