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#01-28-2014 - ComFish News Roundup

How Radioactive is Our Ocean?
No visible or proactive leadership role by AK DEC in monitoring radiation
English: Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant. Tigh...
Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant. Tight crop showing reactors 4, 3, 2 and 1, reading left (South) to right (North). Area shown is approximately 600 by 350 metres. 日本語: 福島第一原子力発電所。 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
January 27, 2014
(SitNews) Ketchikan, Alaska - Nearly three years after the tsunami that resulted in Japan's Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant accident, questions remain about how much radioactive material has been released and how widely and quickly it is dispersing in the Pacific Ocean and our northwestern coast line. In a presentation last week to the Alaska Senate Resources Committee, Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Larry Hartig's overview noted the state has found no reason for concern. Hartig also reported to the committee last week that the DEC is not carrying out fish testing for radiation with his report indicating there may well be more radiation risk in a banana than in tuna.....

Anti-Pebble Mine Voices Grow Louder After EPA Assessment
Caslon Hatch, Health, Science and Technology Reporter
POSTED: 11:10 PM AKST Jan 27, 2014
For years there has been support and opposition to a large mine in the Bristol Bay region. But after the Environmental Protection Agency released a study suggesting a large mine in the area would pose a significant risk to sockeye salmon, anti-Pebble Mine voices seem to be getting louder and more prevalent. On Monday, around 100 people gathered at a town hall meeting to applaud Senator Mark Begich’s (D-Alaska) recent decision to stand against a mine in Bristol Bay....

Senate candidates Treadwell and Sullivan meet on stage for first time in campaign
Posted on January 27, 2014
Mark Begich speaks to reporters at the Fairban...
Mark Begich speaks to reporters at the Fairbanks Labor Day Picnic. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
..........Treadwell went so far as to accuse Begich of inviting the EPA to conduct the Pebble report. “He said he didn’t, but I don’t believe him,” Treadwell said. His spokesperson couldn’t back the statement up except to point out that Begich and the head of the EPA have traveled together.............. Treadwell was appointed to Bush’s United States Arctic Research Commission, and he become president of the commission. Among other things during his tenure, he supported the Law of the Sea Treaty, a fact that won’t likely serve him well with Tea Party activists who view such international treaties as anathema..........

NOAA Extends Deadline on Underwater Acoustics Document
Jan 28, 2014
Brianna Gibbs/KMXT
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has extended the public comment period for an acoustic noise study released last month. On December 27 the administration began soliciting comments on a study that examines how acoustic noise affects marine mammals. The comment period was initially supposed to end yesterday, but on Thursday NOAA announced the deadline would be extended until March. Bree Witteveen is a marine mammal specialist and said the study is basically a review of all the literature and studies done over several years compiled into a single.......

1:05 PM MON JANUARY 27, 2014
H.B. 77 Will Be Sent to the Senate Resources Committee For Review
The members of the Alaska Legislature will likely get another chance this year to examine a bill that seeks to make substantial changes to the permitting system in place for the use of State lands and waters. KDLG’s Mike Mason has the story.....

Celebrating Alaska Seafood
January 27, 2014
This is Fish Radio. I’m Stephanie Mangini. It’s time to celebrate seafood. I’ll tell you more after this...

Cathlamet Channel net pens rearing spring chinook
By Allen Thomas, Columbian outdoors reporter
Published: January 23, 2014, 6:07 AM
CATHLAMET — The floating net pens are secured to the city dock, the spring chinook are rearing and Cathlamet Channel is on its way to becoming Washington’s next off-channel commercial fishing spot, a small piece of the much larger Columbia River reforms. Ten net pens were moved here in January and filled with 250,000 Cowlitz River-origin spring chinook smolts. The young fish will be released in a couple of months to make the short journey to the ocean. The initial return of adult spring chinook from the release...

January 28, 2014
Editorial: NOAA fishing report just shows tip of economic iceberg
Gloucester Daily Times
Yes, the numbers are grim.
The latest NOAA annual report on the Northeast groundfishery shows that landings were down by 24.9 percent across the region, while landings and values both hit four-year lows in Gloucester, and overall values fell by nearly 25 percent from the previous year. But as much as those statistics document the plunge of the Gloucester and Northeast groundfisheries into the “economic disaster” the Department of Commerce had....

Markey wants seafood inspected for mislabeling
WASHINGTON — Fish sold on U.S. retail markets are routinely mislabeled, harming consumers while threatening the livelihoods of American fishermen, Democratic Sen. Edward Markey of Massachusetts and Republican Sen. Roger Wicker of Mississippi said in a letter to President Barack Obama.....

Marine Managers Frustrated Over Alleged Magic Pipe Incident
Captain Marcos Papadopoulos, a 50-year maritime industry veteran and CEO of Greek shipping firm, Marine Managers Ltd. expressed nothing but absolute frustration in a phone call this morning over an alleged “magic pipe” incident involving one of his company’s vessels in New Orleans. After receiving U.S. Coast Guard and port state control inspectors on board upon arrival into New Orleans, the bulk carrier Trident Navigator passed inspection with no issues.  In fact, Papadopoulos notes this ship, her crew, and her operators had been placed on the....

Cheaper Gasoline Hurts ExxonMobil’s Plea for U.S. Crude Exports
Senator Lisa Murkowski supported U.S. crude exports during a speech at the Brookings Institute on 7 January, screen shot via YouTube live feed.
Jan. 28 (Bloomberg) — ExxonMobil Corp.’s push to export U.S. oil overseas is facing a new obstacle: falling gasoline prices. A flood of new oil from Texas to the Great Plains has swamped refineries, driving down prices at the pump 10 percent since March, while global oil prices have hovered at about $107 a barrel. That suggests the world crude market is having waning influence on U.S. gasoline, which instead is beginning to track lower-priced domestic oil.....

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