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On March 19, 2014 HaulingGear enabled 24/7 live comfish newsfeeds on our front page at ! Enjoy! Click image to view

#02-01-2014 - ComFish News Roundup

Tug-of-war over salmon on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula may reach fever pitch
Craig Medred
January 31, 2014
Each summer in Alaska, salmon by the millions flood into the great mixing bowl of Cook Inlet between the popular and populated Kenai Peninsula to the south and the towering, wild Aleutian Range to the north. The fish are money -- Alaska wild silver prime for the taking -- and for that reason they have come to fuel one of state's longest-running and most contentious political battles. To understand it, you have to understand the fisheries themselves. The elephant in the room is the Cook Inlet drift gillnet fleet, about 570 salmon fishermen, approximately 30 percent of them nonresidents. If you follow the money, these 570 people are the major players.....

Judge agrees to short extension in Steller sea lion case
Published: 2014.01.31 04:24 PM
A federal district court judge agreed to allow extra time in the lawsuit over the National Marine Fisheries Service environmental impact statement about Steller sea lion protections in the Aleutian Islands. The fisheries service, or NMFS, asked to extend the deadline for the new environmental impact statement, or EIS, to Aug. 15, 2014. Judge Timothy Burgess issued an order Jan. 29 allowing....

Kodiak: Borough, Council Consider New Fisheries Analyst
Jan 31, 2014
Brianna Gibbs/KMXT
The city and borough have been without a fisheries analyst for more than three months now, but that might be changing soon. Last night the city council and borough assembly sat down for a joint work session and discussed the potential hire of Heather McCarty from McCarty and Associates. McCarty comes from a broad background of fishing interests and experience, including commercial salmon fishing, aquaculture work and time as a lobbyist for the trawl industry. Her background in lobbying raised a few questions from members of the public last night, including former Assemblywoman Louise Stutes. “Heather McCarty is nothing short of a well-documented lobbyist for both the processors and the trawl industry. And to bring her onboard with the idea that she will be an....

Seafood marketing
From the board room to Silicon Valley
Posted 01/31/2014
Cordova Times
by By Kim Ryals - for the Cordova Times
Happy New Year, Everyone. I'm feeling a little snap in my step these days and unsure where to give credit. Is it the several minutes of daylight added to the clock each day? The temperature hitting 50 last week? Or the Seahawks headed to the supreme bowl… Why am I asking questions? I should just run with it. This month's edition of inside and outside (the organization) features some big news. The Board of Directors has finalized a Project Proposal Process whereby any interested party can submit a project or concept to CRPWSMA for consideration for funding. Project proposers may be permit-holders, municipalities, non-governmental organizations, private companies, research institutions...

Survey Shows Melting Sections on Kuskokwim River
POSTED: 07:19 AM AKST Jan 31, 2014
BETHEL, Alaska
The volunteer Bethel Search and Rescue group says an aerial survey this week of the Kuskokwim River ice shows the extended warm weather has deteriorated travel conditions in some places. KYUK says the survey was conducted Wednesday with an Alaska State Trooper pilot....